Bad Costume Round Up 3.0

Every year we browse the mainstream costume websites to bring you a list of some of the worst, tackiest, weirdest costumes we can find! Maybe they won’t inspire your Halloween outfit but they will make you laugh (or gag). 😉

We’ve seen this concept before. Branded club dresses sold as “costumes”. This is not a girl dresses as Kermit, this is a dress with Kermit on it. You are not Nerds because your dress has Nerds on it. In the same way that I am not dressed as tartan in a plaid dress….Ugh. Lazy!

Sperm Bank. I like how they seem to have made the poor male model look exactly like the client who would purchase this beautiful creation. Gross.

Cooked Chicken! Okay, this one kind of amused me. I so want one of my vegan friends to choose this costume for Halloween. 😛

Pussy Magnet. This one is probably going to require a lot of explaining when worn out….Yixes.

Middle Finger! Be rude without even speaking! Great idea, except it looks like a horribly disfigured foot.

Dick as the Punch Line. Weird trend of penis-focussed costumes this year. I sadly didn’t see any girl costumes that made vaginas the punch line, which was disappointing. All of these are pretty much tasteless. I can so imagine some poor lad donning one for a work function, thinking it’ll be hilarious….yeah not so much.

And racism. Always a plethora of costumes stereotyping entire nations, every year. Sigh….

The last 2 years of Bad Costumes can be found here:


10 thoughts on “Bad Costume Round Up 3.0

  1. For me, Halloween is the perfect excuse (as if I needed one) to go over-the-top with my spookiest goth-attire, custom-fangs and all. For some people, it’s their chance to be racist and sexist at the same time. Yikes! Honestly, I feel so sorry for the people who have to sew (…or glue) these things together. If it is your day-job making dick-related costumes, you are definitley under-paid.

    The chicken suit is funny though 🙂

    1. Yes! Halloween has always been my excuse to buy something from my wish list and then build a “costume” around it. I am already working on my outfit for this Halloween, hopefully it’ll turn out.

      Heh, yeah I envision the sweat shop workers sewing sperm bank costumes and just shaking their heads. It makes me quite sure I am in the right kind of niche-sewing business! 😛

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