See you at the Bazaar of the Bizarre in Hamilton!

gloomth vintage toys skater dress

We’re madly packing things for our appearance at the Bazaar of the Bizarre in Hamilton, Ontario this weekend! If you’re in that area we’d love to see you there! The event is free to attend and there will be live performances and tons of other vendors there selling odd and amazing goodies.

Our booth will be located near the sound booth so be sure to speak up!😉

It’s on Sunday from 11am-7pm!

We’ll have posters, coloring books, Halloween cards, and a whole rack full of samples and items from our new printed dress collection for sale! All the prices at the event will be in Canadian Dolls (rather than USD on our website).


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New “Dried Roses” Photoshoot!

toile print babydoll victorian dress gloomth

The second set of photos from my shoot with Gloomth Girl Sandra Von Ruin is this “Dried Roses” series! An antique-feeling set using our “Victorian Bird” dress as a focal point, with jewelry by Alchemy of England.

alchemy of england timepiece gloomth

We only have a couple of our “Victorian Bird” dresses left! Once the fabric has been used up the design will disappear forever, so now’s your chance. This adorable babydoll style dress looks great worn without a petticoat on casual days (as shown in this shoot) or wear it with a light cupcake shaped one to fluff it up a bit!

gothic doll dress gloomth

The necklace featured in this shoot is Alchemy of England’s “Uncle Albert’s Timepiece Choker” and it’s a perfect compliment to the lush toile dress.

babydoll lolita dress gloomth

Thank to you our lovely model and to Alchemy of England for helping create this dreamy shoot!

You can see all of the photos in this series in our flickr album!


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New “Viola” Photoshoot!

gothic clothing gloomth

This decadent gothic photoshoot features Gloomth Girl Sandra Von Ruin wearing our “Viola” skirt and “Apparition” top! Paired with gorgeous jewelry by Alchemy of England!

gothic outfit from gloomth

For this shoot I wanted to create something with heaps of contrast- stark blacks against a grey and white backdrop- to really showcase the details on our “Viola” skirt. With all of it’s rows of ruffles and frills it’s the perfect October skirt to start so many outfits this season! Worn here over a big petticoat to give it lots of fluff.

gothic corset skirt lolita gloomth

The necklace she is wearing is Alchemy’s “Queen of the Night” necklace and it is absolutely stunning! This necklace is packed with ornate filigrees and details and centered by a glittering green crystal. The bracelet shown is Alchemy’s “The Dogaressa’s Last Love” beautiful piece.

alchemy of england gloomth

Heaps of gratitude to Sandra Von Ruin and to Alchemy of England for making this shoot so special! We’ll have lots more to share from this day soon!🙂

You can check out the rest of this series in our flickr album!


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New “Doll Hospital” Print Dress!

doll hospital medical theme print skater dress

I am so excited to share this next addition to Gloomth’s new casual print collection! “Doll Hospital“! An antique-medical themed dress that’s packed with decadent and subtle details on a comfortable skater style dress!

doll hospital theme photoshoot gloomth

With this print I wanted to create something with a medical theme that could be worn every day. I didn’t want it dripping with gore or full of pills and needles, something a little subtle that wouldn’t look too costumey worn casually. I also wanted lots of antique hospital touches worked in!

gurokawa photoshoot gloomth

I used my collection of bisque doll heads from Germany as the focal points in the print, arranged on a background of doilies and and old mint green pillow case. I also included our bunny mascot, the red cross from a very old Mason’s cap, bandaids, eyeballs, and more! The effect is a dazzling pale collage of unsettling things.

antique hospital theme print skater dress

This print is available as a comfy stretch skater dress in sizes xs-5xl on our site now! We don’t have stock of these dresses yet but will in future, so there is a small wait for these designs at present.🙂

$72 and available now!


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New “Dolls Hospital” Photoshoot!

gurokawa outfit fashion gloomth

October has been a month of rescheduling and me feeling about 2 weeks behind on photoshoots! However I kicked into high gear this week and tried to blast through a whole bunch of new ones so we’ll have lots to share as Halloween approaches.🙂

gurokei medical fashion gloomth

The first is a theme I revisit time and again- MEDICAL! *confetti* I love anything with a creepy hospital vibe and I wanted to style a Gloomth take on gurokawa themes. Models Hexcelle and Willow Wolfe transformed into eerie nurses in our new “Dolls Hospital” photoshoot!

creepy nurse outfit

Hexcelle is wearing our new “Doll Hospital” dress also!!!!!!! I’m so excited about this dress. It features my broken porcelain doll head collection, our bunny mascot, bandages, and all sorts of eerie medical-feeling bits. I’m going to write about the inspiration behind this print design in a separate post as I’m so thrilled with it!

medical fashion halloween outfit gloomth

We shot this series in the hallway of my apartment building (sorry to ruin the illusion haha, and also sorry to my neighbors). The light is getting so weak as winter approaches it wasn’t the glorious bright studio it was in August! We got some great and creepy shots out of the day I think, and our models were amazing.

You can check out the entire set in our flickr album!


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Doll Artist Mari Shimizu

doll artist mari shimizu bat wingsJapanese artist Mari Shimizu‘s gorgeous and haunting doll creations are absolutely captivating. You may have encountered some of her works on other websites without knowing who created them! Shimizu is entirely self taught and has been building these dolls since about 2000.

mari shimizu doll art

Each of her dolls feels as if it is part of it’s own story, a shadowy vision we can only guess at. Some emerge from religious reliquaries, others cage tiny angels or bunnies in their hollow chests. Impossibly delicate and alive seeming.

mari shimizu doll art

mari shimizu doll sculpture artist

mari shimizu doll art

There are many more of her sculptures in the galleries on her website and facebook below! All of the photos in this article were borrowed from those.🙂


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Halloween Deadine- Last 48 Hours!

sailor babydoll dress

Today and tomorrow are the last days to place your order and get it in time for Halloween!!!!! After the 12th we cannot guarantee arrival for the 31st at all.

We hope everyone is getting excited for the season! I am finally planning my outfits, am determined not to miss out on costumes like I did last year! Last minute is better than nothing I figure!😀


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