Unsettling Traditional Pagan Costumes and Legends

There are some incredibly inspiring traditional costumes/characters in Pagan folklore. Many of these figures are part of rituals related to the passing of seasons and of humankind’s relationship to the earth and farming. These rituals still take place today in various parts of the world.


(Not my photo.)

The Mamuthones of Sardinia, Italy are part of a ritual that is over 2000 years old, developed long before Christianity. A solid black wooden mask and layers of black sheep’s wool obscure the wearer, with a cluster of cattle bells on it’s back like a turtle’s shell. Each Mamuthone is unique, their masks are carved by local artists and each has individual features. The Mamuthones move silently along as if mimicking the wearily shuffling winter’s cold, followed by the other half of the ritual the Issahadores who prance and make noise (like the jubilant beginning of spring) to herd the Mamuthones. No one is 100% sure of the origin of this ritual or the parade of Mamuthone figures, it’s assumed a ward to end winter and encourage spring from previous agrarian times. The modern participants take this ritual very seriously, no outsider is allowed to view them preparing or dressing for the parade. It’s viewed as a religious rite and respected by onlookers, people don’t cheer or holler at the procession’s passing. A party is hosted after the ritual participants transform back into men and the bonfire burns down to embers in the night.

(More Mamuthones with their bells, also not my photo)

(More Mamuthones with their bells, also not my photo)

(A group of Kurents/Korents, not my photo)

(A group of Kurents/Korents, not my photo)

Kurent/Korent is part of a rite of spring and fertility in Slovenia called Kurentovanje that’s been adopted all over the world. The Kurent is a symbolic god of unrestrained pleasure and hedonism. The traditional dress for a Kurent consists of layers of sheep’s skins, in some areas it has horns and in others tall feathers rise from the head, a long red tongue hangs from the head cover. Kurents also carry noise making staffs or wear large bells round their waists to scare off winter with their sound.

(Korents sourced from wikipedia)

(Korents sourced from wikipedia)

(A group of Babugeri, not my photo)

(A group of Babugeri, not my photo)

The Babugeri/Kukierzy from Bulgaria are part of an incredibly old ritual for midsummer. Dating back to the worship of Dionysus this tradition can be traced back over 8000 years. The towering fur covered costumes are certainly imposing as they proceed down the street. The ritual ends with an elaborate marriage-themed pantomime in the center of town.

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Halloween Deadline Reminder

carmilla gloomth

Just a reminder our deadline for in-time-for Halloween orders is OCTOBER 12th! If you’d like to wear Gloomth this Halloween season now’s your chance to place your order so you’ve got it in time.🙂


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Gloomth at the Hamilton Bazaar of the Bizarre Oct 23rd!

gothic circus dress

Come and see our new print collection in person! We’ll also be selling fun accessories, sample designs, and more in our booth at the Bazaar of the Bizarre in Hamilton, Ontario– October 23rd! Two racks full of Gloomth clothing in a variety of sizes priced in Canadian Dollars!🙂

Here’s a video of our booth from a previous Bazaar of the Bizarre in Toronto (2014)!

If you’re in that area we would *love* to meet you! The event is free to attend and we can’t wait to share Halloween candy and visit with our non-Toronto friends.🙂

Facebook Event/Info 


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New “Porcelain” Photoshoot!

victorian mourning ephemera print doll dress gloomth

Nicole Ruin modeled our new “Victorian in Mourning” print design recently! You might recognize her from our Salon Noir fashion show a few years ago. It was great reconnecting and we got some beautiful shots out of the day!🙂

victorian mourning ephemera dress gloomth nicole ruin

victorian mourning ephemera dress gloomth nicole ruin

Nicole is wearing Gloomth’s new “Victorian in Mourning” skater dress, part of our new line of casual Gloomth designs. It features items in my own collection of Victorian antiques and old family photographs.

I layered the dress over our “Apparition” blouse for a perfect 1990s feel!

victorian mourning ephemera dress gloomth nicole ruin

The necklace shown was graciously supplied by Alchemy of England and is their “Ordium Coelestium Mechanicum” and is absolutely beautiful!

There are loads more photos from the day in our flickr album!

Thank you to Nicole and to Alchemy of England for making this shoot so great!🙂


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Gloomth Halloween Bloomers Sale!

jack o lantern bloomers

It’s the most wonderful tiiiime of the yeaaaaaar! Halloween season! Happy first day of fall and tip into our favorite season!🙂

To celebrate Gloomth’s “Pumpkin Rump” bloomers are on sale until Saturday, Sept 24th! You can only get these bloomers til Halloween, then they disappear until next Halloween season.

Save $12 when you use the code at checkout: halloween

(Expires Sept 25th 2016. Valid on http://www.gloomth.com, questions? email us)


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Gloomth Miss Havisham’s Dolls Tea Party

vintage doll outfit gloomth

We are so excited to announce our next Gloomth Tea Party!  Sunday, November 13th 1-4pm at Applewood Museum in Toronto! $10 of every ticket is donated directly to the venue to maintain the museum home and all of it’s stunning true Victorian decor.

Tickets are $20CAD each.

The theme for this one is “Miss Havisham’s Dolls”, a spiderweb lace daydream of a mourning maiden left at the alter. Forever acting out her dream wedding day with crumbling porcelain dolls in her Victorian attic. Threadbare gloves, cracked crystal goblets, and a beautiful broken heart.

Full details here.

Come in your best Havisham or doll inspired attire and please bring your favorite doll or toy-companion! We will have prizes for the best Havisham inspired look, best doll outfit, and best toy-companion.

Tea, coffee, and snacks will be served. We will have a photobooth with professional photographer, musical performance, and a goodie bag (with a $10 off coupon towards anything on our website) for each guest. We will also have a raffle featuring prizes from our amazing sponsors and a museum wide scavenger hunt to gain extra entries into the raffle! And more!

Gloomth will have a few of our new print dresses, sample items, and accessories for sale in the chilly crypt (aka the basement meeting rooms) of the museum! It’s a great chance to shop our designs in Canadian dollars and to try them on in person.

Please consider spending the afternoon with us! We only have 22 tickets available this time and they will sell out quickly! You can grab yours on our website now.🙂


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New “Victorian in Mourning” Print Dress!

antique mourning ephemera print dress gloomth

The second in our new range of casual printed pieces is our “Victorian in Mourning” dress! A gorgeous and fully detailed print featuring Gloomth designer Taeden Hall’s actual Victorian mourning ephemera collection.

victorian print gothic dress

In the print you can find mourning cards, hat netting, death notices, Taeden’s family photos, tintypes, cameos, and all sorts of morbid and sad items. Yes, those are my dead ancestors in the print (I’m sure they’re thrilled to be included, it must be awfully boring being dead ).

victorian mourning print dress

Available on our site in sizes xsmall to 5xl! $72. Super stretchy and comfortable, we love these dresses for fall paired with tights and a cardigan. Shown modeled by Nicole Ruin over our “Apparition” top!

“Victorian in Mourning” dress here!


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