New “The Woods” Photoshoot!

victorian mourning dress in grey and black by gloomth

Deep in the forest is a lost maiden, drifting under the canopy of leaves she paces, mourning her broken heart…

Here’s a simple photoshoot we did on a gorgeous autumn day! The leaves had turned bright gold and yellow in the ravine near me and Pei and I set out for this lovely shoot on the nicest fall day.

victorian mourning dress in grey and black by gloomthvictorian mourning dress in grey and black by gloomth

Pei is wearing our new “Ghost Queen” dress paired with an actual Victorian mourning cap in black velvet and black tights.

victorian mourning dress in grey and black by gloomth

You can see more of the photos on flickr!

Dress available here!

Visit Pei’s instagram!


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Holiday Order Deadline 2018

draculas bride gothic red velvet lolita dress gloomth

If you’re planning to wear Gloomth to your holiday parties or on New Years Eve or to give someone something frilly and decadent our last day for “in time for Dec 25th” orders is DECEMBER 15th.

If you would like one of our made to order print designs please place your order by Dec. 1st.

After the 15th we can’t guarantee arrival with our regular shipping rate! We may be able to push within-Canada order til the 18th but shipping can be dodgy during the season so place your order as soon as you can to avoid missing out.

Gloomth will be closed (no orders will be shipped but we’ll still respond to emails as often as possible) from December 24th to January 1st.

Happy holidays!


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On Turning 35

taeden hall

(Me on Nov 6th, officially 35 for 2 whole days here, don’t tell 25 year old uber-gothic me how many vintage pastels I now wear…)

I turned 35 this past weekend! Which seems both very old and very not-old at once. It got me thinking about how much I’ve changed since starting this label and how different it feels to be 35 instead of 25. So here are some tips for those of you still under 35 from your friend cheerily coasting towards “weird auntie with cats”.

Surround Yourself with Inspiring and True People: Ever hang out with someone and come home afterwards full of excitement and fired up? That’s the ticket! Surround yourself with those who inspire you to be a better person, whether by challenging you to advance your creative efforts, to be kinder, or to laugh more etc. Those that reciprocate and ignite! Your inner circle should be made of these folks, and that likely will mean the people closest to you are few in number. I have tons of wonderful acquaintances I see at parties or events, they’re great fun but they probably wouldn’t have my back if things went terribly in my life- and that’s okay, because I have my inner circle of family-level besties.

Trust Your Gut: This has been an especially difficult lesson for me to learn and something I am still perfecting. Listen to your instincts!!! Pay close attention to how you feel in a place or in someone’s company- do you feel tense and aggravated, like you can’t let your guard down or goof off, or like you are being manipulated but can’t put your finger on it precisely? You aren’t crazy, your instincts pick up on subtle cues you may not consciously notice- that shit is crucial. I could have saved myself so much bullshit by simply trusting my gut reactions instead of waving them off as irrational. Cultivate this skill and you’ll be miles ahead!

Learn to Perform Emotional Labor: This goes for the lads reading this too (ya’ll are not socially conditioned to do this stuff generally). Emotional labor is the effort of maintaining relationships, the small acts done to sustain connection to community that are not asked for. Things like sending delivery food to your friend healing from surgery, making a “fuck that jerk” goody bag for your recently dumped pal, just making sure you check in on those in your closest circle often etc. These acts feed love and build a network of compassion and security that will absolutely be crucial as you age. At 35 I’ve had friends go through cancer, divorce, loss and I’ve gone through my own share of awfulness- the relationships you’ve fed with these acts are the ones that’ll help you survive the worst parts of life. This may not seem relevant if you’re 21 and just embarking on life as an adult but trust me, do the work – you will need a community someday, we all do.

Pursue Fun: I’m not talking about drinking your face off every weekend. Explore the world around you, even in your own neighborhood. Be curious! Experience new things as often as you can! Greedily sop up fun like a sponge. Life is not 100% work and toil and grimness, but if you make zero effort to find joy it’ll sure feel that way. Keep track of event blogs and venues you like for free events and low cost fun, it’s always great to have things to look forward to coming up, or simply pick a cool free thing to check out and start inviting people.

Be Creative: I’m a damn mess if I am not drawing, shooting, dressing myself up creatively, etc. It’s a form of play as an adult. Do the thing (and do it for YOU not to impress anyone or for social media etc), the world is pretty dark right now we need all the light and magic and strangeness we can get!

Be Kind: Lead with kindness, especially towards yourself. The world really does transform when we are a little more loving and a little more vulnerable with everyone we interact with.


So there you go, my weird life lessons that I’ve learned so far. Maybe I’ll write another at 40. 😉


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Tae’s Halloween Looks 2018

taeden hall monster girl makeup with teeth in hair

Halloween has come and gone! This fall has been a bit overwhelming on a variety of fronts so I didn’t spend ages planning my costume, but thankfully my closet is pretty much packed with weird costume-adjacent elements!

I had been meaning to create fangs for my hair for well over two years, trying to find pre-made taxidermy sets or something that’d work. I had mentioned it to my friend Angel of “Angel’s Custom Dolls” who promptly said she could sculpt the teeth of my dreams! And she really did!!!!!!!! Now I have yet another weird thing to stick to my head at work events. 😉

You can grab your own set on her etsy as she made a cast of mine so they can be re-made for others!

taeden hall monster girl makeup with teeth in hair

Because Gloomth was at an event the weekend before Halloween I didn’t really do a full “costume”, just a monster-girl look. I’m really enjoying exploring the idea of a monster identity, sort of a genderless game of repel and attract- a creature that at first seems attractive and draws you in but is packed with creepy or unsettling elements. Like teeth and doll heads!

So here are some photos from that week with my hair-teeth!

taeden hall monster girl makeup with teeth in hair

taeden hall monster girl makeup with teeth in hair

On my birthday I threw a Halloween party (video of the decorations here) and wore something a little more comfortable and easy to dance in for the night. Bunny ears and fake pustules! I was a sickly dead bunny. 😛

I only managed one real photo of this look and it’s before I put in my deep red contact lenses, sorry about that…

dead bunny costume gloomth taeden hall

I hope everyone had a great Halloween too!


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Gloomth’s Tea and Shopping Party This Saturday!

victorian grunge gloomth toronto canada taeden hall

Our next event is happening this Saturday, November 10th!

Gloomth’s Tea and Shopping Party!

We’ve rented an adorable art gallery/cafe for the evening and we’ll be selling our new designs as well as our upcoming accessories before they’re available on the website! All at discounted prices in Canadian dollars! Come try on our dresses, meet the models and designer Taeden, and more.

There will be no alcohol served at this event so it is all ages appropriate! There is no formal dress code but we will be hanging out prizes for our favorite outfits (as selected by the Gloomth Girls present). 🙂

RSVP on Facebook!


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New “Feral” Photoshoot!

pastel lolita nurses in a creepy hospital gloomth

St Gloomth hospital has four head nurses that roam the halls, dispensing medications and performing strange healing rituals…

Our new “Feral” photoshoot features the colorful side of our Nurse styles and Gloomth Girls Emily Elizabeth Estrange and Sandra Von Ruin!

mint green lolita nurse outfit gloomth

creepy doll nurse girls with toys

We had a lot of fun creating these creepy photos!

pastel pink lolita nurse outfit gloomth

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New “Ghost Queen” Dress!

victorian mourning dress in grey by gloomth

The Ghost Queen paces the halls of her crumbling castle by night, pale fingertips ever reaching for her long destroyed crown…

The new “Ghost Queen” version of our “Victoria” dress is now available! Gorgeous dove grey with black velvet accents and heaps of details make this dress truly stand out. We’re only doing one set of these grey dresses so grab yours while you can!

victorian mourning dress in grey by gloomth

victorian mourning dress in grey by gloomth

We love it paired simply with black for a classic style, or add a pop of color like blood red or blue to make the grey come alive.

This dress is available in sizes S-5XL and is in stock in all sizes on our site!

Check it out here!


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