One of a Kind and Sample Sale

meryle trouble gloomth toronto

As part of our 10th Anniversary celebration we threw a big party this past weekend and had a bunch of designer samples and one off’s for sale at super discounted prices! I know not all of our fans could make it out to the Toronto event so we’re putting the rest of these items up for sale here (anything that doesn’t sell will get listed on etsy eventually at higher prices).

So if you see something below you’d like send us an email at First to pay gets the item! Shipping is $10 flat rate worldwide ($2 for each additional item). Prices here are listed in USD. All of these items are in stock ready to ship.

All of these items are either discontinued samples or one off’s so they’re only available in the sizes listed there. 🙂

scary clown print dress by gloomth

XL- Sleeveless Clown Dress Sample- Just like our usual clown print dress but a sleeveless version. $45

gloomth and alchemy of england rooftop

Small- Seance Dress- Original sample for this dress, fits a 34″ bust and 26-28″ waist. $50

Large- Halloween print dress. Just as shown but size large. $45

gothic fashion gloomth

Small/Medium- Lucy dress one off, has the velvet front lacing but has satin ribbon details at the sleeves instead of velvet. Same length as shown. Never worn. Fits a bust up to 37″. $50. SOLD

retro space scifi photoshoot editorial space-helmet

Small/medium- Heart romper. Original sample, exactly as shown above. Fits a bust of 34-36″, waist up to 28″. $65

Medium- Clown skirt, has an elastic waist that will fit up to 35″ (hips up to 38″). Never worn, not going to be selling this style on the site. $38

Large- Halloween skater style skirt, again not a style we’re going to be selling so this is one of a kind. Fits a waist of up to 38″, hips up to 41″. $38

Small- Medical skater style skirt. Again, not gonna be selling this style. Fits a waist up to 28-30″, hips up to 36″. $38 SOLD

If you would like any of these items please let us know and we’ll send you an invoice via paypal you can pay by credit card or by paypal. 🙂


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GLOOMTH BOOK! “10 Years of Monsters & Misfits”

gloomth book 10 years monsters misfits taeden hall toronto

WE WROTE A BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This project has been underway for basically all of 2017. It’s Gloomth’s 10th anniversary this year and when I started making stuff and selling it online originally I had no idea it’d blossom into this. It’s taken over my life in all the best ways and I am so thrilled to get to continue on making weird art and sharing it with other weirdos around the world. 🙂

So we wrote a book. It’s sort of a scrap book. I wrote a backbone of text for it with stories about how we started, funny mishaps, stuff that went wrong, etc- basically all the ups and downs of running a business on a shoestring as a 20-something. Behind the scenes memories from photoshoots and press experiences, everything.

And it’s got this cool collage style layout full of unique photos, artwork, textures and more! We even have art by our models and friends in there.

It’s a great way to celebrate our anniversary and to acknowledge everything that’s gone into making this happen. Thank you for supporting us, for even just sharing our photos or reading our blog. We hope you love this book and we can’t wait to make more art!!!!!

And thank you to the House of Pomegranates for helping me turn my weird idea for a collage book into a reality. I’ve got more of these in the works, so it was a great first step towards making those real!!!

I’ll post some photos of the inside of the book after we launch it at our PARTY THIS WEEKEND (you’re totally invited, fyi)!

Available worldwide via Amazon!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Cyber Monday on Etsy!

pumpkinhead mask photoshoot gloomth

Is “cyber Monday” not the worst possible name? It definitely does not make me think of shopping….maybe I am just a gross perv.

Either way til Nov 29th we’re throwing our last sale of 2017 and this time we’re hosting it on our etsy shop!

25% off any order over $75! No code needed. 🙂


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Gloomth’s Black Friday Sales Start Tomorrow!!!

menhera inspired makeup look

Despite Canada having our Thanksgiving a month ago we’re doing Black Friday sales too! 🙂 We have two coupons happening so you can get a deal on the style you like best- all weekend!!!!!!!!

These will also be our last sales/discounts of 2017!

Thursday, November 22nd- Sunday, Nov 26th!

Get any of Gloomth’s printed skater style dresses for only $50.40 each! At checkout just put in the code: stuffing 

That’s 30% off our regular price for these!

Check Out our Printed Dresses here

kawaii raver clown outfit with onesie by gloomth

Or get 20% off your total order over $25 (not including shipping). At checkout just put in the code: thanks17

*Both codes are valid on as many orders as you like during the timeframe. No cash value, not applicable to orders already placed. Cannot be combined with other codes/discounts. Valid worldwide. Questions? Email us.

*The codes can’t be used simultaneously due to how our cart system works, but if you want to buy both something made to order and a print dress we’ll refund you the shipping costs on one order and combine them to ship as one single order. 🙂



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New “Haunted Forest” Photoshoot!

gothic skeleton makeup gloomth editorial toronto

For our new “Haunted Forest” photoshoot I transformed Hexcelle into glittering skeleton royalty against a backdrop of vibrant autumnal leaves. This was a very collaborative shoot as I was feeling quite under the weather. Hexcelle brought a bunch of her own wardrobe items and we built a look utilizing those and Gloomth’s “Carmilla” dress (yes, a variation is going to be back soon for that dress!).

gothic forest skeleton makeup autumn gloomth

We layered a purple striped waist cincher as well as several types of bustles to add some Gothic Victorian flair to this outfit. The gorgeous skull collar is for sale and was made by Hexcelle herself!!!!

gothic skeleton makeup victorian gloomthFor the hair in this shoot I wrapped two braids of Hexcelle’s hair around armature wire and wound them into a big loop on top of her head. I then spread Halloween spiderwebs over the loop and decorated it with a beaded spider and some hair clips. For her makeup I did a play on the skeleton makeup styles that have been going around like crazy this fall! Utilizing a range of purples and some black, as well as false lashes on top and bottom, and finished with violet glitter accents!


gothic skeleton outfit halloween victorian gloomth

We’ll have more fun shoots soon! I hope you like these photos!

You can see more of them on flickr as well.


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Questionable Pillows

Recently I was searching for a cushion for my kitties, I just wanted something cute/weird that’d work as a cat bed in my apartment. Since Atticus will not share his berry-shaped cat fortress with Goblin. While searching I found *many* delightfully weird pillows and I thought I’d share them. Especially helpful with the holidays descending upon us. Who doesn’t need a nice decorative pillow for their home, office, or to fill their entire vehicle with?!!!

COCKROACH– Yes, you can have a big cuddly awful infestation for your couch. I don’t know why you would want this but it is available.

PENIS- This comes in a variety of sizes (har har har) but oddly only pale pink. I confess I thought long and hard (har har har) about whether I knew anyone I could buy one of these for as they’re just so funny to me.

HAM– It’s ham.

MEAT VARIETY– From prawns to what I think might be a potato, to chicken’s feet and a horrifying pig’s hoof?!!!! Why. What home decor style calls for a revolting chicken’s foot pillow? Voodoo witch-doctor’s waiting room? Butcher’s shops don’t usually have couches! The red thing down at the center is supposedly a sweet potato, it looks like the underbelly of an unnamed insect that has nipples.

CORN– I think these are pretty corny.


BRICK– Again, who is coming up with these ideas? Why would you want a brick shaped pillow?! Bonus shot of someone beating a baby up with a brick shaped pillow. Take THAT baby!

EGG– I like how the poor girl modeling these has enlisted her cat. “Come on Spot, look at the camera and pose with the egg pillow!”. The cat’s face has been cropped out because no one wants to see a confused and upset cat modeling a fake egg cushion.


GINGER– I mean, without that word in the title of the description I would never have guessed this pillow is supposed to be ginger. Some sort of tumor maybe? Bowel obstruction? Poorly made teddy bear?

CONDOM- Safe sex is really important, yes, but maybe a cheery yellow pillow isn’t the best way to convey this message? It’s so weird looking you’ll forever be explaining, “Oh thats not a fire hydrant, grandma, it’s a condom pillow!” to everyone who sees it. Goes especially well with the pink penis pillows! I’d like to buy these for the local sexual health clinic but they’d probably prefer a monetary donation….

I found all of these on ebay so if you’re in the market for a big clump of ham emblazoned on a pillow in your bedroom you can just find it over there.


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Holiday Deadlines and Whatnot

gothic lolita outfit

Suddenly it’s November and mall stores are hanging plastic garland and blaring carols til we want to stab the nearest sharp object deep into our ear canals. 😉

Since it’s basically a month away I wanted to state our in-time-for-Xmas deadline and when we’ll be closed for the holiday ourselves.

The last day for Xmas orders is DECEMBER 8th. After that we cannot guarantee arrival in time for the holidays under any circumstances.

Our production will be closed from December 22nd til January 3rd. Nothing will be made or mailed during this time, but I’ll still answer email inquiries as often as I can during the holiday.


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