New “Antique Playroom” Photoshoot!

antique praying doll photoshoot outfit editorial gloomth

We had such a lot of fun creating this new photoshoot for Gloomth! Model Emily Elizaebeth Estrange transformed into a creepy, pale doll in an attic playroom perfectly. I was excited to feature my new (to me, it’s actually antique) portrait of Queen Victoria and a vintage rocking horse my friends found on the road for me recently! 😀

Shown above wearing our “Borley Ghost” dress!

antique doll outfit costume photoshoot gloomth emily elizabeth estrangeantique dolly bloomers romper costume outfit gloomth

My favorite of the 3 outfits was this one featuring our “Clara” romper in wine red. I pinned Emily’s hair up around her ears and placed two curls with hair gel onto her forehead. She’s wearing her own stockings and socks and a vintage sleep-cap of mine as a headdress. This romper is available in sizes XS-2XL or custom made to measure (including plus sizes), and in a range of color combinations!

For this part of the series I processed the photos to have antique feel, sort of evoking a 1930s aesthetic. Tattered and shadowy. Emily’s makeup in this look was entirely her own creation and suited the style beautifully!

antique sailor dress doll outfit gloomthantique sailor dress doll outfit gloomth

This was actually the first look we shot this day and it features Gloomth’s “Nautical” dress adorned with a cluster of Victorian mourning portrait brooches, a pinned on SOLD ticket, and a shrinky-dink heart brooch I made years ago. As well as lots of members of my toy collection and a few of Emily’s! Oh and my new (to me) terrifying rocking horse, currently answering to the name Frederick.

There are quite a few more photos from this series on flickr too!

Thank you to Emily Elizabeth Estrange for modeling for me and helping to bring this creepy unique vision to life!


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Happy Summer Solstice Coupon!

1920s gothic clothing

Today is the Summer Solstice or midsummer! Here in Canada we don’t have a national holiday or any really recognizable celebration for this day outside of those for St.John’s day or by witchy types- but I think it’s a fine day to mark the beginning of a fruitful season. Summer for us here Gloomth means outdoor photoshoots, negotiating which petticoat to wear in the heat, and delicious local peaches in season. 😉

To celebrate take 15% off your order from today until June 24th (not including shipping). Valid on as many orders as you like during that time, valid worldwide. Can’t be applied to existing orders. Put the code in at checkout to apply discount. To combine with other codes please contact us for eligibility. Questions? Email us (

CODE: solstice

Happy Summer everyone!!!


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New “Gossamer Gauze” Photoshoot!

menhera inspired photoshoot models gloomth

More fun medical theme photoshoots featuring our new “StGloomth’s Hospital” collection! Models Thadea Decora and Lillian Moon transformed into creepy medical practitioners in our new “Gossamer Gauze” photoshoot!

menhera hospital makeup tutorial gloomth

My concept for this shoot was to create a soft fever-dream feeling, nothing is quite defined, the models exist in this pastel filled, bandage strewn strange space littered with toys. I used a backdrop made with piles of my vintage peignoir collection, old toys, and pillows to create the environment. When processing the photos I used lots of tilt-shift effects and the blur tool to create pools of focus within the images and guide your eye in the dream.

menhera hospital theme photoshoot gloomth outfit

I had a lot of fun creating the messy Menhera style makeup looks for this shoot! I used Kryolan’s aquacolors in red as well as red eyeshadow (Sugarpill’s) and red/pink glitters. I also incorporated metallic foil eyelashes from Halloween which I cut into segments and added among the models’ natural lashes for a peek of more color. Their lips were smeared with red lipstick and a bit of gloss for a feverish, sickly feel.

menhera gurololita medical outfit gloomth

We had a lot of fun creating these images and it sure feels good to be back shooting again! You can see the entire series on flickr here. 🙂 Thank you to both our models for tolerating my crazy ideas!


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A Field Guide to Encountering a Weirdo in the Wild

dolly momoiro gloomth model

Since I run a clothing label and my income comes from sharing unique styles and perspectives with new people I often end up acting as default Ambassador to the Weirdo’s when in public. My friends joke being out with me in Tae-mode is like walking around with Mickey Mouse, I pose for photos and talk clothes with strangers all the time- and I try to enjoy it. It’s important to me to show people that Weirdos are approachable and not scary deviants.

I grew up in the 90s when every news channel featured stories about how “goths” and “clubkids” were murdering and seducing otherwise respectful youth with drugs and tattoos and deviant lifestyles. Fear mongering alternative-culture articles/news-segments have led to arrests, deaths, and bullying of Weirdos for years- so in being approachable and friendly about my appearance and perspective I hope to reduce the cruelty done by those reporters in some tiny way.

kawaii raver clown outfit with onesie by gloomth

I’m definitely not suggesting every Weirdo presenting person take on this role, you deserve to go about your day with the same level of privacy and respect as any other person on the planet. But in thinking about this Ambassadorship I thought I’d write a rough guide for non-Weirdos on how to react to encountering an alternatively dressed person in public.

Weirdo: Someone who is visibly alternative in presentation. Regardless of specific subculture affiliation or hair color. Weirdos can be of any size, age, race, or gender.

A Field Guide to Encountering Weirdos in the Wild:

-Maybe don’t ask about it. It is not the responsibility of all Weirdos to explain their appearance to you, to educate you on their subculture. They aren’t appointed the position of Weirdo Ambassador by default and they don’t owe you time or attention. No, they aren’t in a play. No, they aren’t dying to explain their style to every curious person, even if you are polite, even if you “don’t mean to be rude” (intention does not excuse behavior). TRY GOOGLE- there’s a unique cultural arrogance in expecting other-ed people to educate you on their perspective. If you are at a convention or a fashion event, asking about the style might be acceptable, but out on the street this is not a great tactic. If a Weirdo is just going about their business in the wild, maybe leave them be.

-Do not take their photo without permission. There is never ever a moment where deliberately taking someone’s photo without their permission is okay. It’s degrading, dehumanizing, and rude as hell. Ask if they will pose for a photo for you- if they say no, respect that. I pose for tons of photos every month with strangers who ask (my favorite so far being the two really excited ladies in full burqas at the mall), and it’s rare I’ll say no because I have a label to promote etc- but this isn’t something you can expect from every Weirdo. Sometimes we are running late, sometimes we just want to exist without being Ambassadors of our subcultures. Sometimes we just don’t want to pose for a damn photo.

-Remember Weirdos are people too. Not an extra in your amazing life movie, not a proselytizing promoter of subcultures, not Mickey Mouse waiting to pose for your photos. Weirdos have lives and jobs and responsibilities- much like you do- so be respectful of their time and existence. If you wouldn’t want to be approached in line at the grocery store and asked pointed questions about your clothes don’t do it to others.

-Do not offer food or try to feed us handfuls of grass through the fence. Or wait maybe this tip is for horses? Either way, we probably won’t eat grass from your hand.

-Don’t make Halloween costume or “where’s the funeral” jokes. It’s not 1985, you aren’t funny.

-Don’t come up tell us how you’re “sure” Lolita fashion is 100% related to sex. We get it, you once saw a porn category with the same word on it; please keep your habits to yourself. Also who do you think has more information on the subculture? You and your porn category or someone wearing it in their daily life? Go away.

-Don’t speak to a Weirdo with headphones on (unless they’re about to step into an open manhole or something). We’re wearing them because we don’t want to talk to you, sorry.

-Do not touch our clothes or lift our skirts!!! Yes there’s a petticoat under my dress, it’s actually *extremely* inappropriate for you to lift the hem of it to check. Just no. I don’t care if you “mean” well (intention is not an excuse!) or are a 85 year old granny. Just do not do this for any reason. You wouldn’t pet an unfamiliar dog, don’t paw at Weirdos either.

-Do not touch our hair or ask if it’s “attached”. In this era of ebay hair extensions, gorgeous wigs, and rainbow hair dye at every local pharmacy- is it ever okay to touch a stranger’s hair and ask if it’s real? No. The answer is a hard no.

antique hospital theme print skater dress

Thank you for treating the Weirdos you encounter like people. We do appreciate it, even if smiling might wreck out makeup today. 😉

*This post is not a comprehensive guide to encountering Weirdos, just some pointers on interacting with us. 


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Last Call for our Lyre Dress!

alternative babydoll dress

We only have enough of the mesh sleeve fabric used in our popular “Lyre” dress for ONE MORE! Then the design will disappear. We are having to discontinue any designs using the sheer mesh as our supplier no longer offers a decent quality option for that fabric. We will be bringing this design back with a fresh update later this year though!

So if you wanted a “Lyre” dress now is your final chance!


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Victorian Canadian Fashion Inspiration

canadian victorian woman in black jacket

I love looking at historical photos, especially family/casual ones where you can really get a sense of the every day lives of people who lived long ago- or photos where people are dressed up! Recently I spent way more time than I ought to admit looking through the Canadian archives for old fashion inspiration. I thought I’d share some of the historical fashion related images since these styles often inspire what I design for Gloomth!!!

victorian nurses in canada 1902

1890 victorian fashion canada

Most of the images I’ve included are from between 1880-1902 so right in the thick of the Victorian era. This time was a very exciting era for Canada as we were quickly becoming a sovereign state and not a British colony. Rebellions, forming of political parties, and the development of our original Criminal Code all happened during this time.

1899 fashion victorian antique canada

1890s photo

Below is Lady Aberdeen (right) who was the founder of the National Council of Women of Canada as well as the founder of the Victorian Order of Nurses in Canada.

lady aberdeen canada victorian

victorian womens fashion canada 1890s

2017 marks Canada’s official 150th birthday, we are basically a baby country compared to many European nations. I own furniture that is older than the country I live in……

victorian woman in 1902 black hat canada

victorian woman in feather hat and fur collar coat 1902 canada

The darling heart on this young lady’s collar below is so charming (below). I love thinking about the lives and experiences of these people who came before.

victorian girl with glasses 1902 canada

rosenthal woman canada 1902

victorian wedding dress 1902 canada

Hopefully these images have inspired you a little! I think they’re really fascinating.


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Gloomth Summer Sample Sale!

I’m attempting to clear off the samples rack in our studio before it collapses and tears half a wall down in the process! All of these items are ready to ship and super discounted in order to clear them out.

Funds from this sale will go directly to our next mini-collection!!!!

How to Buy- Just send an email to with the item(s) you’d like and I’ll send you a paypal invoice you can pay with paypal or by credit card (you don’t need paypal to use the invoice).

Shipping is $10 worldwide ($10 per order, not per individual item). No returns/exchanges on sample sale goodies sorry! Prices listed in USD.


gloomth gothic lolita outfit

“Charlotte” dress. Original sample, has been worn for photoshoots. Size smallish. Fits a bust of 34-36″, Waist (fairly open). Tall length as shown. $80

victorian doll jacket

“Livery” jacket, exactly as shown in the photo. Is the original sample. Fits a xsmall-medium. Bust about 32-36″, ties at the front. $40

gothic fashion by gloomth toronto

“Dark Coffin” Blouse, exactly as shown in the photo has been worn for 2 photoshoots. Black. Size small. Fits a 32-34″ bust, 26-28″ waist. $30.

damask bridesmaid gothic dress

“Sepia Damask” Dress, exactly as shown in the photo, original sample of this design. Has been worn for 2 photoshoots. Smallish, fits a bust of 32-34″, waist up to 28.5″. $50

jackolantern bloomers gloomth

“Pumpkin Rump” Bloomers! We won’t be selling these again until October 1st so now’s your chance to grab a pair before the rush. Size Large! Waist- 36-39″, Hips 46″. $45

embroidered skull formal goth dress

“Robe du Crane”! Discontinued design! XXL. Fits bust of 44″, waist 36″. Has not been worn but has been hanging in the studio waiting for a home for ages. $80

gothic nurse outfit

“Our Lady of Shadows” Dress! Discontinued, this is the original sample. Size small- fits a bust of 32-34″, waist up to 28″. $70

“Ringmaster” Jacket! Size large! Bust approx 40″, waist 33″ (adjustable because of lacing). $75

victorian mourning ephemera dress gloomth nicole ruin

“Victorian Mourning” Print Dresses! Oddly I have a few of these in stock and I’d like to find them homes! We have a large, XL, and a 2XL ready to go! Usually these are $72 each but we will sell these three for $60 each!


**If you’d like to purchase any of these items please email, first to pay gets the item no holds please**


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