New “Slimy Tea Party” Photoshoot!

slime photoshoot gloomth

One of my goals for my art direction work this year has been to GET WEIRD! I find I am most inspired and excited about my work when I am pushing boundaries and exploring the strangest corners of my imagination.

It’s also an exploration of the Gloomth Girl aesthetic. She isn’t any particular subculture, she’s strange and unafraid to play with her appearance. Her style is inspired by so many things, it’s playful and wild, and entirely created for her own enjoyment.

gloomth tea party

This new shoot with Vanessa Walsh was a ton of fun to create! And very messy. Apparently slime and fabric are a bad combination, but heaps of praise to V for managing the goopy prop without destroying the dress. 😉

weird tea party photo

colorful monster tea party

Vanessa is wearing our new “Sweetheart” jsk and tights from We Love Colors!

More photos on flickr!

Thank you so much to Vanessa Walsh for helping explore my weird photoshoot ideas with me!!!!!! 😀



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Halloween Deadline Reminder!

halloween bloomers kawaii witch gloomth

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And if you’re planning to wear Gloomth to your October 31st event our last possible moment for in-time-for-Halloween orders is OCTOBER 13TH.

We absolutely cannot guarantee arrival in time for the 31st after the 13th. No exceptions. 🙂


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Retro Halloween Print Dress by Gloomth

retro halloween print plus size dress gloomth

Gloomth’s “Every Day is Halloween” print dress is an easy way to blend some October magic into your wardrobe year round! It’s also the perfect base to all sorts of super quick and comfortable Halloween outfits.

It’s available in sizes XS-5XL on our site and etsy!

retro halloween print plus size dress gloomth

The fabric is exclusive to Gloomth! Taeden designed it in house using photos of her vintage Halloween decorations and her friends’ Halloween collections too. Candies, Ouija boards, eyeballs, and all sorts of spooky strange things play against a backdrop of autumn leaves and golden glitter!!!


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New “Fever” Photoshoot!

creepy medical gurololita halloween gloomth

We’re working to create lots of Halloween-inspired photoshoots this fall! Here’s a creepier take on the guro and medical themes we’ve been so into this year.

gloomth nurse outfit

Azura Rose transformed into a sickly pale wraith in this series. She’s wearing our “Nurse” dress with it’s matching apron.

creepy nurse gurololita outfit gloomth

gloomth nurse dress

For Azura’s makeup I went with super paled out skin using a Ben Nye foundation in the lightest shade I could find. I then used red Kyrolan aquacolor, red eyeshadow, and a warm reddish brown eyeshadow to create her hollowed out ghostly eyes. Finished with black mascara and red tinted lipgloss. The makeup would be super easy to recreate for a Halloween party! 😉

You can see the entire series here on flickr!

Thank you to Azura Rose for modeling for us again!


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Our Favorite Halloween Decor for 2017

halloween bloomers kawaii witch gloomth

We’re giddy for all things Halloween this time of year! Bring on the candy corn and black glitter. For spooky-inclined folks autumn is the best time to shop for home decor items, and if you’re clever about your choices these Halloween pieces can work year round in Victorian, Gothic, or just eccentric spaces. Here are some of my favorite decor picks from around the web this year!

Tips for shopping for year-round spooky home decor that won’t make your place look as though you just forgot to take down your dollarstore party decorations: Look for luxe materials- ceramic, glass, fabric etc- the better quality material the item is made from the less “seasonal decoration” it seems. Mix seasonal decor items in amongst “regular” decor and arrangements, this adds eerie personal touches to your crafted space.

butterfly display grandin road

Butterfly Display- I love the tattered Victorian feel of this butterflies-under-glass display from the amazing Grandin Road. It’d look great in a Victorian inspired apartment or any bohemian spooky space.

coffin candy dish target

Who doesn’t need a Coffin Candy Dish?! Yes, I actually did order this one already. 😉 It’s a good size for jewelry year round and just so pretty.

skull wine glasses

These skull wine glasses from Target are absolutely gorgeous. Unlike a lot of seasonal cups they aren’t made from some questionable resin and molded to look like something out of the video for a shabby metal band. The subtle skulls are perfect and size makes them ideal as cups year round!

skull pillow

Add some classic spooky elements to your bedroom or living room with this Skull and Crossbones pillow from Grandin Road. I love that it’s hooked-wool which gives it a vintage feel, and definitely doesn’t scream “found in Halloween aisle”!

bat door mat

This Bat Doormat from Pier1 is so perfect! Would make such a nice statement at the entry way of basically anywhere with a door to the outside….

There are so many excellent spooky coasters out everywhere this year! I really like these beaded jack-o-lanterns from Pier1, they seem fancy but are still simple and cute.

Have you seen any excellent Halloween decor ideas this year?


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New “Scary Clowns” Print Dress

scary clown print dress by gloomth

Just in time for Halloween we have one more clown-themed design!!!!! Our new “Scary Clowns” print dress is exclusive to Gloomth! The fabric print was designed in house using Victorian era greeting card illustrations against a backdrop of vintage clothing and doilies!

scary clown outfit makeup lovely lor gloomth

Lovely Lor helped us celebrate the launch of this new design by modeling it with her own take on spooky clown themed makeup!!!! We had a ton of fun shooting these eerie photos one afternoon.

scary clown vintage circus print dress

scary clown halloween outfit gloomth

There are loads more photos from this shoot on our flickr!

The “Scary Clowns” dress is available in sizes XS-5XL on our site now also!

Thanks again to Lovely Lor for modeling for Gloomth! 🙂


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Gothic and Victorian Mini-Shoot Day #2!

We had such a great time at our last Gothic & Victorian Mini-Shoot Day we’re doing it again!!! 

You get a professional photoshoot and pose coaching in a gorgeous Victorian furnished museum home. Just arrive in your favorite outfit! You will receive a minimum of 15 finished photos that you can use for your portfolio or just to commemorate your favorite style.

$95 and we only have 4 spots available this time!

Full details here!


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