Our Favorite Halloween Decor for 2017

halloween bloomers kawaii witch gloomth

We’re giddy for all things Halloween this time of year! Bring on the candy corn and black glitter. For spooky-inclined folks autumn is the best time to shop for home decor items, and if you’re clever about your choices these Halloween pieces can work year round in Victorian, Gothic, or just eccentric spaces. Here are some of my favorite decor picks from around the web this year!

Tips for shopping for year-round spooky home decor that won’t make your place look as though you just forgot to take down your dollarstore party decorations: Look for luxe materials- ceramic, glass, fabric etc- the better quality material the item is made from the less “seasonal decoration” it seems. Mix seasonal decor items in amongst “regular” decor and arrangements, this adds eerie personal touches to your crafted space.

butterfly display grandin road

Butterfly Display- I love the tattered Victorian feel of this butterflies-under-glass display from the amazing Grandin Road. It’d look great in a Victorian inspired apartment or any bohemian spooky space.

coffin candy dish target

Who doesn’t need a Coffin Candy Dish?! Yes, I actually did order this one already. 😉 It’s a good size for jewelry year round and just so pretty.

skull wine glasses

These skull wine glasses from Target are absolutely gorgeous. Unlike a lot of seasonal cups they aren’t made from some questionable resin and molded to look like something out of the video for a shabby metal band. The subtle skulls are perfect and size makes them ideal as cups year round!

skull pillow

Add some classic spooky elements to your bedroom or living room with this Skull and Crossbones pillow from Grandin Road. I love that it’s hooked-wool which gives it a vintage feel, and definitely doesn’t scream “found in Halloween aisle”!

bat door mat

This Bat Doormat from Pier1 is so perfect! Would make such a nice statement at the entry way of basically anywhere with a door to the outside….

There are so many excellent spooky coasters out everywhere this year! I really like these beaded jack-o-lanterns from Pier1, they seem fancy but are still simple and cute.

Have you seen any excellent Halloween decor ideas this year?


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New “Scary Clowns” Print Dress

scary clown print dress by gloomth

Just in time for Halloween we have one more clown-themed design!!!!! Our new “Scary Clowns” print dress is exclusive to Gloomth! The fabric print was designed in house using Victorian era greeting card illustrations against a backdrop of vintage clothing and doilies!

scary clown outfit makeup lovely lor gloomth

Lovely Lor helped us celebrate the launch of this new design by modeling it with her own take on spooky clown themed makeup!!!! We had a ton of fun shooting these eerie photos one afternoon.

scary clown vintage circus print dress

scary clown halloween outfit gloomth

There are loads more photos from this shoot on our flickr!

The “Scary Clowns” dress is available in sizes XS-5XL on our site now also!

Thanks again to Lovely Lor for modeling for Gloomth! 🙂


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Gothic and Victorian Mini-Shoot Day #2!

We had such a great time at our last Gothic & Victorian Mini-Shoot Day we’re doing it again!!! 

You get a professional photoshoot and pose coaching in a gorgeous Victorian furnished museum home. Just arrive in your favorite outfit! You will receive a minimum of 15 finished photos that you can use for your portfolio or just to commemorate your favorite style.

$95 and we only have 4 spots available this time!

Full details here!


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New “Retro Space Odyssey” Photoshoot!

retro space scifi photoshoot editorial space-helmet

SHE CAME FROM OUTER SPACE!!!!! This shoot was an absolute joy to create! The space helmet was made by a friend of Hexcelle’s and he graciously let us use it to create this super fun scifi inspired retrofuturistic series!

retro space scifi photoshoot editorial space-helmet

Inspired by bad 50s/60s science fiction and horror films and retro television shows. We shot with Russel also so we have a whole second chunk of photos from this day!

retro space scifi photoshoot editorial space-helmet

retro space scifi photoshoot editorial space-helmet

For Hexcelle’s makeup and hair in this shoot I kept to a varied purple color range! Lots of glitter and touches of metallics and black. I contoured Hexcelle’s face with purple and finished the look with a spray of star shapes to further add to her alien aesthetic.

I wound Hexcelle’s hair around coated wire to make the twin alien-antlers and then festooned them with stars and glitter clips! Super easy and it looks adorable.

retro space scifi photoshoot editorial space-helmet

Hexcelle is wearing our new “Sweetheart” jsk in wine red!

More photos here.

THANK YOU to Hexcelle for modeling inside a giant plexiglass ball that made it impossible to hear anything and to my brother for also shooting with us! This was one of those shoot days where everything just feels so *right* and fun. 🙂


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New “Candy” Dress!

candy shaped pocket dress with ruffles

All the sweetness of candy and none of the cavities! Our new “Candy” dress pulls elements from our discontinued Black Licorice collection into a fun updated style.

candy dress by gloomth

Shown modeled in rose pink with cream elements, it’s also available in our full range of colors which makes it easy to match with other items in your wardrobe. Available in sizes xs-2xl or custom made (including plus sizes).

clown fashion photoshoot makeup hair party hat

Packed with unique details this dress is an adorable option for casual days! Ruffles frame the contrasting yoke, false front button closure, and sweet Peter Pan style collar. Finished with ruffle framed candy-shaped pockets! Delish! 🙂

Check it out here.


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New “Sweetheart” Heart Pocket Dress!

heart pocket dress lolita gloomth

We’re introducing all the new designs from our “Fashion Clown” mini-collection this week! The first is our “Sweetheart” jumperskirt.

sweetheart dress by gloomth

This simple cotton dress is available in all of our shades of fabric- black, wine red (as shown), rose pink, cream, white, and navy! So it’s easy to pick one that works perfectly with your wardrobe and style.

heart pocket dress plus size

It takes fun elements from our discontinued Black Licorice collection and blends them into this new cute style. This dress has a heart detail on the bodice and two ruffle-framed heart patch style pockets on the skirt. Adorable!

Available in sizes XS-2XL or custom made to measure, including plus sizes.

Check out more photos of it here!


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New “Fashion Clowns” Mini Collection!

clown fashion photoshoot makeup hair party hat

To celebrate Gloomth’s 10th anniversary we’re doing several themed mini-collections throughout the year! Our newest is FASHION CLOWN! We released it Friday, right in time for the movie “It”s release in Canada. 🙂

clown fashion makeup photoshoot gloomth

This collection features little touches from previous discontinued collections revamped into something fresh and adorable! CheshireCat, Kuroihitomi, and Sandra Von Ruin transformed into creepy clown models for this fun shoot.

Amber Thomas Penchoff created the amazing hair-party-hats you see!

fashion clown makeup party hatclown photoshoot gloomth

There are heaps more photos from this shoot on our flickr!

We’ll be sharing detail photos and info on each of the new designs themselves on the Gloomthzine this week! 🙂 Heaps of gratitude to our amazing team of models and our hair stylist for helping bring my weird ideas to life!!!!


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