2017 Halloween Order Deadline!

jackolantern halloween bloomers pumpkin rump gloomth

I can’t believe how quickly 2017 is going! Holy moly! We’re already talking Halloween season here at the ‘Cult.

Our Halloween deadline for in-time-for-the-31st orders is October 16th! This may be pushed earlier if we have a higher volume of orders so the sooner you place your Halloween order the better. 🙂

After the 16th we cannot guarantee arrival in time for the 31st.


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August’s Deal of the Month!


cream lace lolita blouse with peter pan collar and corset lacing

Here we are halfway through August and through all the craziness happening this month I almost forgot to mention the Deal of the Month! :O!

Our adorable “Sugar Cookie” blouse is approaching it’s redesign date but in the meantime you can still grab this adorable blouse at a discount during August!

Save $10 when you grab it through the sale page!



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We Do Not Have a Talent Scout

Someone messaged me (thank you!) letting me know some dude on facebook is claiming to be our “talent scout” on there.


We have never ever had a talent scout. I handle casting for our shoots personally, myself, no one else does it– ever. No one. That is never ever going to change. Only me.

Anyone who tells you they work for us in a scouting capacity is lying. You’re always welcome to confirm this by emailing me directly. It’s vital to me that the label and our shoots and events provide a safe place- free of predators- for our audience, models, and friends as the world can be pretty fucked up and evil outside of it. No one deserves to be manipulated and lied to.

It makes me physically sick that someone would use my label to try and prey on women, which is the only reason I can see why he’d do this. We aren’t even in the same country. He is not affiliated with me or Gloomth, I do not know this person and never have and he doesn’t own the label I’ve built for 10 years but it’s pretty funny to imagine. 😉



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10th Anniversary Fan Art Contest Winners!

alchemy of england timepiece gloomth

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted art work to our Fan Art Contest! We’re so inspired by all of the pieces that were sent to us (you can see the whole album on facebook).

Without further ado here are the winners of this contest! We’ll be reaching out to them via email directly as well. 🙂

FIRST PRIZE: Kajsa’s gorgeous art piece! She had the most likes and interactions on her artwork! Her work will be included in the Gloomth compendium book and she gets a $100 gift certificate towards anything on our site.

SECOND PRIZE: Jelynneart’s gorgeous drawing from our medical shoot! We just loved how evocative and detailed this piece was! As chosen by the Gloomth team. She gets a $75 gift certificate towards our website. 🙂 Technically this piece got the 2nd most likes/interactions also but we liked it oh-so-much!!!!

THIRD PRIZE: Karis’ mermaid queen inspired drawing! Technically the 3rd most likes but the 2nd most won Gloomth choice so we mixed it up a little bitty bit. She gets a $25 gift certificate towards our site!



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On Street Harassment (again)

taeden hall

This week I had one of those experiences that pretty much every woman I know has had. Someone in a position of “power” (whether it’s an authority figure or someone who is controlling the space so you can’t exit) aggressively “hit on” me. It wasn’t violent, it wasn’t directly sexual, it was that insidious territory of deep-discomfort where you end up over-analyzing the whole interaction afterwards to see what you did “wrong” to make it happen.

As women we quickly learn the basics of navigating these interactions, or at least how to minimize their effect. Be polite and non-committal, try to quietly dodge the question and escape the situation so your rejection doesn’t trigger violence or being sworn at vehemently in public. All this learned behavior really does is further perpetuate the idea that women should be “pursued” and men should be insistent as to “wear us down” into agreeing to their desires. That the responsibility of preventing assault (verbal or physical) is on us and not the perpetrator (she was “asking for it”, she wore a revealing outfit, she had a human female body). But that’s ridiculous. You can’t manage a stranger’s emotional reactions, nor is it your responsibility to do so. You can’t read their minds!

This time it was a shuttle bus driver who kept insisting I “text him my number”, he controlled the door and when/where the bus stopped, I couldn’t just leave the situation. He didn’t touch me, he didn’t make revolting sexual comments, none of the things that would have me quickly calling the bus line and complaining happened- but it was deeply unprofessional and it made me feel trapped (and then furious).

All afternoon I went over the scene in my head, maybe I was too friendly. Maybe I shouldn’t have answered any of his initial “friendly” questions. Maybe I should take transit instead of the shuttle when I am dressed nicely. –NO–. This was not my fault, there is no preventing this bullshit as it happens regardless of what you’re wearing/doing/saying. No.

When I posted about this experience on my facebook so many women I know came forward with similar stories and experiences. We’ve all been in these situations. The fact that it’s still happening in 2017 is frankly exhausting. Dear dudes, why are you letting your friends behave this way? This shit isn’t happening in a vacuum.

When I have conversations about these experiences in groups or online some guy will almost always chime in with a variation of, “Be flattered by it!” (obviously flattered is code for “grateful” as if my entire existence hinges on whether I give some stranger a stiffy) and that just makes my skin crawl. Being cornered and made to feel powerless in a public space isn’t about seduction or flattery (there’s nothing sexy about fear), I don’t think the bus driver truly thought I’d text him my number.

What these excusers don’t realize is that these interactions- whether it’s being cornered by a bus driver or yelled at on the street- are not at all about getting sex, or giving complements. They’re about eliciting a reaction in a public space as a demonstration of power and ownership over that space (“I made you feel bad/visible for being here!”). No street harasser has ever gotten “lucky” with his barking, straw-man arguments aside. This behavior often comes from an antiquated idea that public spaces belong to men (and private spaces to women), women are relegated to the home and out of sight- so if she’s in public she is public property. She’s asking for it, she’s on display.

It also comes from an urge to police womens’ bodies, which are considered public property whenever they aren’t hidden away at home (see every news broadcast coverage of Hillary Clinton at any event etc). Comments about size, revealing/style of outfits, etc are common in street harassment and are intended to make the recipient uncomfortable and self-conscious. Maybe you won’t wear that short skirt again, maybe you’ll avoid walking alone on the Danforth (like I do, because I hate the men who just sit outside there and cough garbage at every passing woman), maybe you’ll shrink yourself further and further out of sight.

These experiences change the way women behave, it forces us to develop the constant awareness of prey animals when out of our homes. And consequently even if he “means well” approaching her in public it’s ruined as he’s not just contending with her disinterest he’s contending with her fear for her physical safety.


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New “Sugar Witch” Photoshoot!

halloween bloomers pumpkin rump gloomth

Bring on the Halloween themed photoshoots!!!!!!!! I’ve got a lot of Halloween-goals this year not the least of which is to create more themed shoots to celebrate my favorite holiday.  Here’s my first quick Halloween shoot featuring our seasonal “Pumpkin Rump” bloomers and Dolly Momoiro!

halloween bloomers kawaii witch gloomth

You can’t really tell in the photos but the weather during this shoot was a total mess. It kept raining and we’d hide under my big umbrella waiting for it to pass. Dolly looked amazing regardless as our kawaii witch!

halloween outfit dolly momoiro gloomth

There are a few more photos from this series on our flickr album!

Grab your bloomers here!

Thanks again to Dolly Momoiro for modeling for us! 🙂 Happy Almost Halloween!!!!!!


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New “Urban Royalty” Photoshoot Part 1

gothic fashion photoshoot gloomth

This past weekend Gloomth Girl Cindy M. Yu and my brother and I set out for a photoshoot on a very hot afternoon to create some fun new images! We got 2 sets from the day, his photos and mine so there are lots to share this week. 🙂

The ones today are the ones I shot!

gothic fashion toronto

gothic princess with pearl crown gloomth

Cindy brought this incredible pearl crown and we built an outfit around it with our “Valance” dress in black and various lengths of pearls strung all over! The star print undershirt is a mesh top I scored on ebay. Cindy created this glittery awesome makeup look that pulled the whole outfit together!

gothic princess makeup outfitgothic princess makeup outfit

We’ll have more of these photos to share later this week! You can see the rest of mine on flickr!

Thank you to everyone who made this shoot so amazing!


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