New “Violet” Photoshoot!

victorian grunge fashion toronto canada gloomth

Here is the second half of our LAST PHOTOSHOOT OF 2018! I’m excited to use the rest of this month to recharge, work on our accessory line, and plan some over the top shoots in the new year.

For this shoot Paige Marina modeled a whole bunch of our casual print collection! All of these items are available on our site in sizes XS-3XL+

victorian grunge fashion toronto canada gloomth

victorian grunge fashion toronto canada gloomth

Paige is wearing our “Crusty Bear” t-shirt and “Doll Hospital” tights here!

doilies and antique dolls print fabric dress

We also did a few photos to model some of the dresses in my living room for fun. Paige is wearing our “Doilies and Dolls” dress here.

Check out all the photos on flickr!


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Nefarious Fakery


Just an annual reminder that we do not employ a “PR Specialist”, talent scout, or model recruiter. Never have. Anyone who claims to represent Gloomth is lying. 100% of our shoots are coordinated and cast by me alone. We don’t have a public relations anything, again it’s just >>me<<!!!!

It goes without saying individuals masquerading as employees of a company they don’t work for do not have good intentions, this is predatory unacceptable behavior (even if facebook’s fuckin algorithm reporting system won’t do anything about it).

nick lee

I hate that we have to acknowledge this happening, giving this situation any attention feels like admitting it is impacting us (it isn’t, it’s just gross). Trolls gonna troll, but on the off chance someone comes to harm from this garbage I can’t risk not having tried to warn folks. I keep getting screenshots (thanks guys!) of the same person being vile and claiming to represent us- he DOES NOT. Never has. Absolutely never will.

nick lee indiana liar


It’s especially sickening because one of my main goals with Gloomth is to provide a safe, inclusive environment for all our friends/fans, somewhere folks can explore their creativity and appearance without all the nastiness of the outside world seeping in. Sucks that same cruelty and dishonesty ends up at our doorstep anyway. Barf.

I will take the screenshots down when he stops falsely claiming to work for me. 🙂


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My Favorite Shoots of 2018

The year is winding down and we are excited for 2019 and all the new and exciting things we’re planning for the new year! This is also a great time to look back at 2018 and some of our highlights.

Today I’m listing my favorite photoshoots from 2018! It was a smaller year for shoots, as we spent most of it frantically working on the move to production, but we still created some really outstanding photos (at least in my opinion, heh).

In no particular order here are some of my favorite Gloomth shoots of 2018!

joan of arc photoshoot gothic lolita gloomth

Joan of Arc- I had wanted to tackle this theme in a shoot for years and suddenly it all came together beautifully! Poppy made a perfect Joan and we had an awesome sword to finish the look, as well as a gorgeous backdrop. See the whole series here.

victorian grunge set design taeden hall

Victorian Grunge- Set design is something I really love doing for our bigger shoots! The set four Victorian Grunge collection launch is one of the most intricate I’ve ever built and is filled with things I love and that inspire my work. Check it out here.

gothic outfit with purevile necklace and gloomth dress

Gothic City- Making art with my close friends is one of the best feelings! This shoot with Mistress McCutchan was absolutely perfect and captures that Toronto downtown feeling so wonderfully. Lots more here.

plus size victorian lolita outfit in red velvet by gloomth

Red Velvet- A recent shoot but one that I think is really beautiful! I love the way the world turns tawny and pale in late fall, and it really made our red velvet dress look extra luscious. Lots more from this series here.

ghost bride outfit inspiration gloomth toronto

Ghost Bride- This shoot is so strange and eerie! Part of a day of three totally different shoots this one was the first of the day and just has such a unique and haunted feeling to it. See the rest on flickr.

Thank you so much to all the models who have participated in our shoots this year! I could honestly list every shoot we did this year as a favorite as it’s one of my most cherished parts of the business. I look forward to creating more weird art in the new year! I’ll be back to coordinating shoots in early January so stay tuned for more weird, experimental art of all kinds!



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New “Messy Bedroom” Photoshoot!

victorian grunge fashion outfit gloomth toronto

Our last Gloomth photoshoot of 2018!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing how much time flies, this year has felt terribly slow at times but has sure sped up in the second half.

This time we shot a whole bunch of our print designs to get fresh photos of those and to show them in a different light. I’ll break the giant shoot into a few to share over the rest of December so it’s not a giant overwhelming heap. 😉

victorian grunge fashion outfit gloomth toronto

As usual Atticus couldn’t resist snuggling our model Paige Marina. Both my cats like new people but Atticus is always especially excited for visiting women of all ages heh. He is not very interested in male visitors, curiously.

Paige is wearing our new “Cherubs and Crosses” dress!

victorian grunge fashion outfit gloomth toronto

I built a quick set in my space inspired by a messy bedroom floor. Toys and clothes strewn around, a few elements from a birthday party, pillows etc. A cacophonous background of colors and textures that really echoes the fabric on our new dress.

There are loads more photos from this set on our flickr!

Thank you to Paige Marina for modeling for me again!


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New “Cherubs and Crosses” Print Dress!

cherubs memorial crosses print victorian dress gloomth

We are steadily expanding our casual print collection! Our print styles are exclusive to Gloomth and a great way to add some extra Victorian Grunge style to your wardrobe for days when you don’t feel like layering up with a petticoat etc.

Our newest is our “Cherubs and Crosses” print dress! 

cherubs memorial crosses print victorian dress gloomth

Featuring a fabric designed in house and exclusive to Gloomth! The print is full of fat cherubs, floral memorial crosses, and Victorian Valentine imagery- all against a backdrop of a velvet pillow, doily, and an antique glove.

The dress has a flattering fit-and-flare silhouette with short sleeves and crisscross strap detail at the neckline.

cherubs memorial crosses print victorian dress gloomth

Available in sizes XS-3XL $75 on our site now!

Check it out here!


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Poll! Help us decide which print items to expand to!

plus size toy print skater dress by gloomth

It’s no secret how excited I am to design fabrics for Gloomth! Our casual print collection is one of my favorite ever expanding projects for the label.

I’m just sorting out plans for the new year and I thought I’d ask you what sorts of printed items you’d like to see next from us!!! What styles for casual items are you hoping we’ll stock? This isn’t about our core designs, those frilly and fancy pieces that make up the backbone of what we do- just our print stuff.

Check out our existing print collection here.

Please fill out the poll below and help us decide which to do next!

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StGloomth Academy Embroidered Patches

st gloomth academy embroidered patch

I found a leftover package of the fancy St.Gloomth Academy patches we had made for the collection launch in 2011 recently so I’ve added them to the shop! These patches are an easy way to add some detail to a jacket or bag without spending ages decorating and sewing.

The St.Gloomth Academy patches are super limited edition and we won’t be remaking those ever so if you’d like one now’s your chance!

Grab yours here


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