New “Crusty Bear” T-Shirt!

gloomth tshirt crusty toy bear victorian grungegloomth tshirt crusty toy bear victorian grungeWe have just launched a brand new t-shirt design!!!!!!! This one is a cotton/spandex blend with a fill color fabric print over the entire shirt. The background consists of antique doilies, a vintage Edwardian nightgown, and other odd bits.

gloomth tshirt crusty toy bear victorian grunge

Centered by a paper Valentine’s heart doily and our favorite Crusty Bear friend. The perfect casual Gloomth staple for any wardrobe. Available in ladies’ fit (as shown on our model) or unisex/men’s fit. $47. Regular and plus sizes are available in both styles of shirt. 🙂

gloomth tshirt crusty toy bear victorian grunge

Gloomth Girl Azura Rose modeled it in our most recent photoshoot (more on that series soon). We’ll have more print styles featuring this emblem shortly as well. 🙂

For now you can grab your own “Crusty Bear” shirt here!


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Doors Open x Gloomth

gloomth taeden

Gloomth is excited to be a part of Great Gulf’s Doors Open event in Toronto, May 26th and 27th! This is a great chance to explore some really unique and amazing places in the city which are not usually open to the public.

Gloomth’s designer/photographer Taeden Hall will be at the Applewood Shaver museum house Saturday, May 26th to discuss our photoshoot events, tea parties, and our work there with guests exploring the venue during Doors Open. We’ll have a small display with a preview of an upcoming dress release, photos, and more which will be present both days.

The museum staff will also be offering tours of the home and hosting a perennial plant sale on Sunday at the venue. Open 10am-5pm both days, the last tour on both days is at 4:30pm.

The museum is a gorgeous Victorian furnished space full of history! We hope you’ll stop by to say hello!

Location- 450 The West Mall, Etobicoke, ON.

Full event info and list of locations can be found here-


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gothic princess makeup outfit

Suddenly spring is upon us and everything is moving at top speed here at the ‘Cult! We can finally update you on our move to production and we’re delighted to get back to doing what we love.

Someday I’ll write properly on the process of moving to a manufacturer, perhaps when it is less emotionally fraught and more a thing I am accustomed to. Suffice to say it has been Difficult. Learning curves, financial limitations, timing, grumpy factories, etc. Like all evolution it has had it’s had it’s share of struggle. But we are finally seeing progress!!!!!!!

Gloomth will be launching our first four designs as pre-orders very soon! Updates on exact dates and pre-orders will be disclosed soon (things are again thrown into flux over here).

As styles sell out we’ll be adding new designs and items to the site, so grab your size and favorites while you can! Each style will be limited edition and numbered, thus keeping them exclusive and unique. We’re expanding our size range to include more plus sizes, and improving our fabrics and construction across the board!

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, without you we wouldn’t be able to take this step and grow towards something even more amazing. Stay tuned for our launch photoshoot and pre-orders!!!!!!!!!!



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New Website Who Dis?

In case you haven’t seen it, we have a brand new website! I’ve been working on it since the fall off and on (and had some amazing design help) so I am so thrilled to finally share it with you!

The catalogue seems super bare right now since we haven’t launched the first stock collection yet but we will have that soon. For now we’re adding a bunch more new print designs and styles and we’ll have loads of new photoshoots too!

Check out the new site!  (if you see any errors or stuff that ought to be fixed lemme know)


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New “Ghost Forest” Photoshoot!

ghost forest hexcelle gloomth modelThe weather has finally turned a corner in Ontario, after last week’s disheartening snow. So I am thrilled to be back shooting outside! First we have this haunting little series featuring Hexcelle and Giggles.

doll hospital dress by gloomth

Both models wore our “Doll Hospital” dress paired with vintage peignoirs, tassels, doilies and other strange bits. I kept their makeup dark and simple with bright red lips to echo the red in the print.

fashion art toronto canada designer taeden hall

You can check out the entire series on flickr!
Thank you to both of our models for making this shoot so much fun!!!!!!


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Revisiting our Past

I reorganized my home office this week in an effort to prepare for the influx of stock clothing that’ll be appearing soon (and will need to be stored here for the foreseeable future). I found quite a few odds and ends that reminded me of periods of Gloomth’s existence these last 10 years. I thought I’d share a few here today with you for amusement’s sake.

gloomth flyer collection

First we have some flyers! The one on the left is from our Halloween Party hosted at a real candy shop, it poured rain and maybe 10 people came, we had fun anyway. Middle one is a flyer-coupon we did for our first ever Tea Party and features one of my drawings. And on the right is a very old flyer with CheshireCat on it and a coupon code STAPLED to it with a tiny slip of paper (um, punk rock?).

old gloomth photos

At one point we printed a bunch of shots from our photoshoots at the time for a booklet to set out at shows for people to look through. I found these extra copies buried in a drawer. Kuroihitomi!!!! Our first swimsuit collection, shots taken in the living room of the house I lived in when I started Gloomth, and a shot from our first ever photoshoot with a narrative! These were all long before I became the Gloomth photographer, I sure wish I’d started that journey way earlier (for so many reasons).

I’ll post more little glimpses into my life with Gloomth as I do more sorting. 🙂


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A Peculiar Feeling

gothic princess makeup outfit

Today I deleted the shop tags from our main website so the items from our current collection won’t be “shop-able” anymore. We’re still preparing for the launch of our first stock collection, it is an arduous and intense process- made all the more so by how strangely emotional the experience is. I am so incredibly grateful to have the support and encouragement to take this next step, thank you for that!

So today I deleted shop tags off our internal server thingy and felt wistful. I started Gloomth with zero knowledge of coding past some basic html from various personal projects. I remember spending 3 whole hours being instructed over the phone from the most patience customer service rep at Yahoo ever how to make shop tags, how to build our forever wonky and delightful website. We have come a long way!

Later this week I’ll launch our brand spanking new fancy website, which I’ve been working on since last fall (we’d originally hoped to launch the new system for the start of 2018, if that gives you an idea of the delays and labor involved in this transition). For a little while we’ll only have our print designs available and accessories, while I get the last new design samples confirmed and tagged and photographed and measured etc.

We’re planning to launch the first little range of designs all at once, so we’ll be waiting for them to all be set and ready and in my hot hands at once. I’ll surely post a timeline the moment I feel I have a proper one. 🙂

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. We’ll be relaunching this blog too with lots more content and exciting things so it’ll remain quiet til the collection is prepared too!

THANK YOU for sticking with me through this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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