Live Stream Shipwreck Exploration

2000 feet below the surface of the ocean is a sunken aircraft carrier encrusted with bivalves….

I’ve been watching it’s first exploration of the USS Independence via the live cams from the Nautilus exploration team, which is something I watch quite often when I need a break. I love their live stream, and you can even ask the crew members questions about what you see live!

uss independence nautilus

(Photo borrowed from the Nautilus’ website)

Out of the cerulean gloom, lit only by the exploring craft’s lights, it’s exposed hull and beams rise like the rusted ribs of a lost sea monster. Ghostly white bivalves cling to it’s skin, some are plump and wide like old chimneys, others dangle like fat pale fingers into the water- otherworldly animals siphoning dinner from the darkness. Shrimp traipse over their surfaces, over the hardened skeletons of dead corals and crumbling shipwreck. The sparkle of plankton and debris in the Nautilus’ lights flicker like a halo of falling stars beyond the rubble, clouds of a world we hardly understand and continue to destroy every day despite.

uss independence nautilus

(Also borrowed from the Nautilus’ website)

Some days the Nautilus is exploring deep water corals, sighting species that have barely been named let alone studied- other days it’s mapping enormous shipwrecks. I’m a big ocean-nerd so these live streams have been absolutely riveting for me!

nautilus exploration

(Also borrowed from the Nautilus’ website)

There is something so magical and fascinating about the depths of the sea to me. It’s like a ghostly alien world tucked into our own.

You can check out the Nautilus’ live stream channel at the link below as well as albums full of highlight videos and photos from previous explorations on their website:

Live Channel



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Halloween Outfit Ideas Using Gloomth Dresses

Our Halloween deadline this year is October 12th, 2016. This may change due to order volume, but right now that’s the last date to grab something and get it for the 31st! This is our favorite season here at the ‘Cult and we’ll be posting all sorts of Halloween related giddiness here til November!😉

Here are some of our Gloomth design picks for Halloween this year, to get some inspiration building. All of these designs are great year round but we’ve put some Halloween-centric ideas on how to coordinate each one below.

gothic circus dress

Gothic Circus Themed– Gloomth’s “Haunted Circus” collection is packed with inspiration for this theme but our “Star Carousel” dress is the show-stopper of the line. For an over the top Halloween style pair it with heaps of sparkling black jewelry, arm warmers, platforms, and a parasol for a circus-y feel that’s elegant and dark! We offer it in sizes xs-2xl or custom made (including plus sizes) and in two lengths.

medic theme dress red cross

Guro/Medical Theme- It’s no secret we keep returning to medical themes in our shoots, this spooky guro theme is embodied perfectly in our “Medic” dress! Wear it with bandages everywhere, layered white tattered tights, and gloves for a spooky hospital look this October. Available up to 2xl or made to measure (including larger than 2xl).

sailor doll outfit

Sailor Doll- Add some cuteness to your Halloween style with a retro take on nautical themes. Our “Nautical” sailor dress is an adorable little dress that works well paired with stripey otk socks, platforms, pigtails, and a sailor cap this fall. Offered in sizes xs-xxl or made to measure, and in a longer length also!

jack o lantern bloomers

Pumpkin Theme- It wouldn’t be a Halloween post around here if we didn’t mention our “Pumpkin Rump” bloomers. They’re only available til November 1st! Pair them with stripey tights and a cute top for a Halloween themed look that’s great throughout October (or really any day of the year).😉


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Blue Floral Fabric Poll


We have a bunch of this gorgeous blue floral printed white cotton in the studio from our discontinued “Frost Flower” dress. It’s time to figure out what we should do with it! What would you like to see made out of this lovely fabric?

Fill out the quick anonymous poll below and let us know, you’ll see your suggestions appear in the upcoming design featuring this fabric!🙂 Thank you for your input!!!!  Your feedback is primary to us, since Gloomth wouldn’t exist without your support.


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Carmilla Dress Pre-Order

gothic lolita toronto fashion

We are doing a last run of our Carmilla dresses for 2016! We had discontinued the style since it was becoming difficult to source decent wholesale velvet for it consistently (without making the dress $250), and until that changes it probably won’t be available aside from short runs like this.🙂

So this week only we’re going to take pre-orders for this dress, after that it won’t be available until mid 2017. We can do a maximum of 10 of these dresses total. Grab one while you can!

carmilla gloomth

It’s available in sizes xs-2xl or custom made to measure (including plus sizes)!

Gloomth Carmilla Dress


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Witch Bottles

teen witch gloomth

This fall I’ve decided to write some articles here on various spooky, occult, or strange things in the world and history as a sort of celebration of our favorite season here at the ‘Cult! Today’s is about Witch Bottles which can be traced back to the 1600s, though likely were used long before that without much record of remaining.

(Photo from British Archaeology)

Witch Bottles were counter-magical devices used to protect and ward against negative witchcraft. They were actual bottles thought to pull in dark spells and harmful intentions, which would then be trapped inside the bottle. They were also meant to harm whoever cast the spell. Sometimes these bottles were physically embedded in the walls during the construction of homes, or buried near the doorways or under the hearth/fireplace.

The actual bottles used for these wards were carved German stone bottles known as “bartmann”s or “bellarmine”s, the manufacturing of these did not reach England til the 1600s. Glass bottles were not commonly used in early witch bottles though are common in modern protection-bottle spells.

(Photo from National Geographic)

Early Witch Bottles were often carved with the face of a grim bearded man alongside natural imagery such as flowers and leaves (often types of plants with magical associations). The man carved on the bottle is often said to represent the Devil, though he does not appear on all witch bottles.

These bottles were assembled by folk healers and “good” witches. Sometimes they contained a physical element from the person wishing for protection such as their nail clippings, hair, or even urine. Other times herbs like rosemary, sea water, ashes, threads, pins/needles, and red wine were put inside. These elements were believed to skewer and trap the evil energy and keep it trapped within the bottle- needles to pierce, wine to drown, hair to attract etc.

witch style gloomth toronto

This trend can be traced to England in the late 1600s and was brought to the USA by pilgrims who’s deep fear of witchcraft is well known. However there was a lot of secrecy surrounding these bottled wards, no one was to talk of where they hid theirs less a nefarious individual find it and break it (freeing the evil energy)- so it’s thought these were in use long before any recording of them was made. Many times the bottles aren’t discovered on a property until the structure has been torn down entirely.

Witch Bottles or bottled protection spells are still a fairly common practice in modern witchcraft, though now often made without the intent of harming the source of the negative spell. Other modern witch bottles are constructed to draw in negative intentions and turn them into positive ones to be released again.




Some step by step guides on making your own Witch Bottle for a variety of intentions:

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Gloomth First Ever Photoshoot Party!

gloomth ghost story behind the scenes photoshoot

Gloomth Photoshoot Party! We’ll be hosting little Gloomth photoshoot workshop parties in coming months, if you’re local to the Toronto/GTA area and would like to have fun with us please consider signing up!

We are trying something new this year! At events people often express that they don’t think they could pull off a Gloomth Girl look but would really love to, or would love to participate in one of our strange photoshoots but don’t know where to begin- so we want to bring that experience to more people, in a fun and inclusive and encouraging environment!😀

Attend our Photoshoot Party and you’ll get a Gloomth dress (in your size, to keep!), a Gloomth Girl “makeover” (professional hair/makeup), full outfit styling with accessories, and a full photoshoot with our pro photographer in a Gloomth style set in a photo studio!!!!

We’ll have a model coach on deck to help you get the most out of your shoot and to feel confident and awesome during!

We’ll be serving snacks and tea throughout the party! It’s a great chance to try our super detailed style and get great photos from the day in a positive and fun atmosphere! Style is not size, gender, or race dependent- this event is welcome to anyone who wants to play dress up with us !🙂

gloomth designer taeden hall



Cost $225 CAD (each of these dresses cost about $150USD each so you’re really only paying $75 for a makeover and photoshoot and have a great day with the Gloomth team!)


We only have a handful of spaces available for this event!!!!!! We will need a minimum of 3 to cover the space rental etc.

There are more details on the page for this (click the “Photoshoot Party” on the menu at the top of the blog)!🙂

We hope to see you there!!!!!!


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Hungry Ghost Festival and Ghost Month

vampire fangs editorial photoshoot

August 3rd-17th is Ghost Month or Hungry Ghost Festival in parts of Asia, also known as Yu Lan Jie (盂蘭節). It’s a Taoist and Buddhist festival in which it is believed the deceased return to visit the living as ghosts. It venerates not only your own deceased family members but all dead persons. Rituals are performed to absolve them of their sufferings, please them, welcome their visits, and offerings are left by families to honor the dead.

Food is left out for the ghosts, and incense and joss paper (gold paper loosely known as “ghost money”) or paper mache items such as clothing, televisions, even cars are burned in their names so that they might use them in the afterlife. At family meals places are set for the deceased so they can join in.

gothic tutu skirt

Tribute is also paid to unknown wandering ghosts who may not have families to visit during the festival so that these spirits don’t interfere with their lives during the rest of the year. Lotus shaped lanterns are lit and sent floating to guide these souls to the afterlife.

There are many rules/taboos during this month that must be followed. People are discouraged from walking at night, swimming (it’s thought that drowned ghosts might try to jealously drown swimmers), don’t pick up coins or things found on the street, not wear red (ghosts are drawn to it), don’t whistle or sing, and don’t sleep near a mirror, and many others.

This festival seems like such a beautiful idea to me, honoring those that have passed as though they are all around us.



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