Color Approximations

I’ve been slowly (and poorly) photoshopping some of our item photos to show what the pieces will look like in the other colors of cotton available! Unfortunately we can’t make samples of every design in the 8 color choices we offer, but hopefully this will help make deciding which hue to choose a little easier! 🙂

gloomth gothic victorian

The first on my photoshop-list was our “Sorrow” dress. I’ll be working through all the items one by one over the next while.

gloomth dress


4 thoughts on “Color Approximations

  1. Ooh, they look lovely to me! Just a few days ago I was wondering if you would start photoshopping your pictures to show different colours. Is it coincidence? Or a sign that my fifteen years of attempting to train myself to be psychic is finally paying off? ;P
    …Probably the former. Sigh.

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