Bad Costumes 2.0!

It’s that time of year again! Time to plan your costume for the 31st. Each year we like to cruise around the mainstream costume websites and pick out some of the best of the worst costumes to share with you! These probably won’t help make your Halloween outfit planning any easier, but they might make you laugh. 😉

“Sexy Baby”. Wow. I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I can only hope that giant novelty bottle is full of booze….

Ah Halloween, time for bad stretch velvet and cheap satin. I am not sure I understand what this one is supposed to be. She looks like moth with some sort of peacock tumour? Mothcock? Peamoth? (*smirk*)

Now with 50% more aspartame! It’s no secret, I love diet coke- but this is just lazy. Logo on a skin tight mini-dress, they’re not even trying. Wear this to a club and you can guarantee people will spend the night asking if you are handing out samples.

This ensemble was titled “Texas Hold-em” which I laughed about for entirely too long.

………………Just ick.

Want to see last year’s Bad Costume picks? Click here. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Bad Costumes 2.0!

  1. ‘Sexy Baby’?!
    As in, ‘a baby made sexy’? Which is to say, ‘a sexualised baby’?
    That is all kinds of wrong. 😦
    And the peacock costume doesn’t even have the right *colours* of a peacock. Hmph. (*Sniffs.*)
    Wow, I had no idea how bad Halloween costumes could be. Thank you (uh, I think?!) for sharing these.

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