Bad Costumes

Just a frivilous post. I’ve been sick most of this past week, but we’ll be back with regular updates and photoshoots and contests shortly!

It’s that time of year again! Stores are filling with really awful Halloween costumes. I like to pick out the worst ones to snicker about, it’s sort of an annual tradition here. 😛

Nothing says ‘sexy’ like anthropomorphized popcorn? What? I guess they can make just about anything slutty now….

This was called “MC Hampster”, which I could not stop laughing about. The hat is kind of cute but otherwise it’s just another slutty outfit with fur booties.

“Rag Doll”. Can also double as Colorblind Rave-Ho. They had a whole series of these weird cropped hoodie costumes, they seem really lazy to me. If you’re buying a pre-packaged costume don’t you want it to be more clear what you’re trying to be than this? Without the wig this costume is pretty confusing (hey, even with the wig). I don’t know, clearly I am not their target audience.

 “The invitation said formal attire”. That lace looks kind of um, itchy.

What’s the worst costume you’ve seen this year?


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