Gloomth Makeup Tutorials

hot glue tears tutorial gloomth lolita alt fashion

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to create any new tutorials for the Gloomthzine blog but I thought it might be nice to clump them all together as links in one post in case anyone is looking for some unique style inspiration! Many of these were inspired by micro-subculture styles and less trying to create the “by the rules” look.

Sometimes you just want to show the world how sad you are! Hot glue tears are super easy to make and you can color them with makeup after or use colored hot glue sticks to make really unique ones. Here’s a quick how-to on those (just like the ones in the photo above)!

shironuri makeup tutorial gloomth

Shironuri style is something I’ve visited a couple of times while creating makeup looks for Gloomth shoots, and definitely something I’d love to explore more of! There’s a quick overview on the very basic Shironuri inspired look in the photo above here and

icing drip makeup tutorial gloomth

This Icing Drip makeup is a quick base for so many fun looks! Here’s the overview on how we did it.

menhera medical themed makeup tutorial gloomth

For this medical themed menhera-inspired shoot we created a really simple but eye catching makeup look! Check out the tutorial here.

Here’s a list of a whole bunch of our various tutorials, makeup how-to’s, and more!


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