DIY How to Make Fake Tears Tutorial

how to make fake tears tutorial makeup

Sometimes just drawing on tears with white eyeliner isn’t enough! Sometimes you want glistening, 3D, realistic teardrops pouring from your sad cry-baby eyes! 😛

For our recent “Cry-Baby” photoshoot I created some super simple stick on tears to work into the makeup for the shoot. I also wore similar ones to our Tea Party earlier this month. These would work great in a variety of looks- or for any day when you want people to feel sorry for you and offer tissues. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make your own!

diy fake tears tutorial makeup

Materials Needed

Hot Glue Gun.

Glue sticks (clear colored, not white or opaque colored glue sticks- though those could work for other sorts of teardrops).

Mirror or glass work surface.

Toothpicks (optional).


Eyelash glue (ideally a clear one, I found “DUO” brand dried a bit whitish under the tears but the Revlon blue-tinted clear eyelash glue worked perfectly and stayed clear and didn’t disrupt the transparent effect of the tears).

how to make fake tears makeup tutorial craft idea

Step one:

Wipe off the mirror/glass surface so there’s no residue or finger oils on it quickly with a tissue or whatever you have handy, if you’re concerned about hair spray residues etc use windex or vinegar to clean it. Do this while your glue gun heats up.

Step Two:

Once your glue gun is heated express a blob of glue and then slowly pull back while releasing the pressure on the gun-trigger to create a teardrop shape on the glass/mirror. It will take a few tries to get the shape right! What you are doing is creating a big drop of glue then tapering the point to create a drop shape. Allow the teardrops to cool (it will take longer than it seems for them to dry completely on the glass/mirror surface).

Step Three:

Once your teardrops have dried completely use a toothpick or your fingernail to ease them carefully off of the glass/mirror surface. There may be strings of glue or bits in the drop that aren’t quite perfect, carefully use your scissors to trim those away and shape the drops to get the effect you desire.

Step Four:

To adhere them to your face apply a tiny amount of eyelash glue to the flat side of the teardrop using a toothpick. Not too thick, these stick remarkably well with very little glue. Apply them under the eyes for a weepy look! Voila! 🙂

diy fake tears tutorial how to make


8 thoughts on “DIY How to Make Fake Tears Tutorial

  1. Ugh, thank you :// I always wanted to do this for one of my paintings for 2 years but never could figure out how 🙂 thank you so much

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