Icing Drip Eye Makeup Tutorial

( In lieu of a Personal Friday post I am going to post a requested tutorial. I’ve been sick all bloody week and have no good photos to share as a result. I promise not to cough on you! )

We’ve had a few questions about the makeup in our recent photoshoot, the Candy Dream Prom Party! The makeup look I created for this shoot was inspired by melting icing and candy. I used vibrant sugary hues accented by white. It’s a great style for an over-the-top outfit or to add some visual interest to a more casual look. 🙂

Candy Dream Prom Party
Here’s a step by step tutorial on creating the eye makeup look for yourself, including the list of products I used for this style. 🙂

Messy makeup table photo!
Messy makeup table photo!


-Matte Kryolan aquacolor- we used hot pink, lavender, and a vibrant teal in the shoot. You will also need matte white aquacolor.

-Water. (The aquacolor is water activated)

-A couple of small eyeshadow brushes, as well as a fluffy blending brush.


-Black eyeliner, I used a liquid one.

-Matte eyeshadow in approximately the same color as the aquacolor you’re using as well as a darker shade.

-Fake eyelashes and eyelash glue (“duo” brand is best). You could do without these but you’ll need loads of black mascara.

-Black mascara.

Step One

Lay down your color base! Prep your aquacolor by wetting your  brush and swirling it around on the aquacolor, it should become the consistency of thick cream. Fill the entire eyelid and bring the color out a bit from the eye horizontally. You can see the shape you’re aiming for in the photo below.

Here I am blending the color base outwards with a q-tip. A brush would work for this also, but I find the q-tips are very convenient/easy for moving the aquacolor.

Step Two:

Blend the aquacolor out! Basically you want to blur and fade it out from the eye, move it with a q-tip or brush up onto the brown bone below the eyebrow and out past the eye. The color should grow more faint the further from the eye.

Set the Color:

Use your matching eyeshadow (can be a cake eyeshadow or a loose one, doesn’t matter) to set the aquacolor in place. It will shift on the skin if not set, so this is pretty important.

Make the Drips!

This is the fun part! I recommend using a q-tip for this as with their rounded ends they create the exact right drip shape without much fuss. Bring the aquacolor under the eye with your brush. Wet your q-tip and dab it in some aquacolor, bring a thin line down from under the eye and leave a thick bulb at the end (like a drip). To keep the look organic place three “drips” in varying lengths under one eye and two under the other. Carefully set them in place with matching eyeshadow.

I cropped my makeup covered hand out of this as it looked like a zombie hand....
I cropped my makeup covered hand out of this as it looked like a zombie hand….

Highlight the Drips

Use white aquacolor and a pointed makeup brush to create tiny white highlights on the drips! This makes them more “realistic”. Do this by making tiny white reverse “C” shapes near the edges of the bulb of each drip.

Liner and Lashes

Line along the lash line with black eyeliner (blend into the aquacolor with eyeshadow). Add your black mascara (am assuming you have curled your lashes prior). Finish with enormous black dolly eyelashes! We paired this eye makeup look with bright lip colors (we used OCC’s lip tars which are a personal favorite for shoots).

Candy Dream Prom Party

Questions? Just ask!


4 thoughts on “Icing Drip Eye Makeup Tutorial

    1. I hope it’s helpful! I am not a professional makeup artist, so my “techniques” tend to be more “mash makeup on people til it looks good” than clever. 😉

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