New “Soft” Photoshoot!

pastel pink kawaii nurse doll outfit by gloomth

I’ve been creating so many dark/gothic inspired photoshoots lately it was time to make something a little different! I love exploring new ways to present our designs, styling them in unique ways, or showing how they are worn by different folks. It’s always fun to see fresh twists on our existing designs!

This week I created a dreamy soft pastel photoshoot backdrop using an array of vintage petticoats, a bed sheet I drew all over (from a previous Gloomth shoot), our homemade 6 foot rabbit Pookah, and red/pink colored light!

kawaii nurse pink dress bunnyears fluffy by gloomth

pastel pink nurse costume gloomth

Models Fine Lines and Alice Faye collapsed into the dreamy soft set to create these adorable and definitely not Gothic photos!

menhera doll hospital dress modeled in a fluffy heap by gloomth

They both wore an array of Gloomth designs including our “Sugar Nurse” dress, “Cherubs and Crosses” print dress, and “Doll Hospital” leggings.

pink and white nurse dress lolita gloomth

pastel grunge dress with cherubs and floral memorial crosses by gloomth

kawaii nurse outfit by gloomth

Floor-sets like this are a challenge to shoot because I need to leeaaaaaan out over my step ladder with the camera and hope everything is in focus and I am not blocking the light. But I think the final effect is really unique and eye catching!

You can see the rest of these photos on flickr!

Models: Miss Fine Lines  and   Alice Faye

Thank you to our models for being a part of this fun shoot!


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