Gloomth x Menhera Inspired Makeup Tutorial

menhera lolita outfit gloomth

Our latest shoot with Gloomth Girl Hexcelle featured an outfit and makeup style inspired by Menhera fashion (we’ll have an essay about the background of this style soon) and blended with our own signature Gloomth aesthetic. I thought it would be fun to break down how we created the makeup for this shoot since it’d be a great start for lots of guro/medical themed outfits or Menhera styles. After all, Halloween is only 6 months away!

*Yes, we know this isn’t the exact Menhera makeup the tumblr “experts” describe but we aren’t really great with rules or gatekeepers. We aren’t cosplaying a subculture style just exploring variations and inspiration from. Try to have fun sometimes, ok? 😉

As for all of our tutorials this is just a vague outline of how we created the makeup for the shoot! Use the tools you have, experiment with it to create your own take on this style. I am not a professional makeup artist I just love designing looks for our shoots with our models. 🙂

Materials Needed

-Red eyeshadow and Pink eyeshadow (we used Sugarpill for both, and a few shades of Estee Lauder pink). Eyeshadow brushes- we used several fluffy ones and 2 smaller tight-bristled ones to apply details.

-White eyeshadow (or any super light shiny highlighting shade).

-White eyeliner, we used Kryolan’s aquacolor for this but a while pencil liner or liquid would probably work fine also.

-Red/pink glitters!

-Eyelash glue (we used DUO’s).

-Fake eyelashes, we cut up 1 band of cheap ones for this style but you can use any lashes you like to change the look!

-Lipstick. We used a saturated pink by Estee Lauder but any red or pink in a similar color family as the eyeshadows you use will work great.

menhera makeup tutorial gloomth hospital kei

menhera makeup tutorial gloomth

Step One:

Start with your foundation done (for extra sick girl effect use one that’s a shade or so lighter than your skin’s natural hue). Begin with the red eyeshadow and a fluffy eyeshadow brush and start about halfway across the top eyelid and begin creating a large blur of red. I kept the most saturated red under the outside corners of Hexcelle’s eyes and then pooled some in the undereye area and onto her upper cheeks (byojaku style almost). There’s no exact science to this application, your face shape will dictate where the red should sit so just play with it til you like it!

guro soft makeup tutorial gloomth

Step Two:

Add white (or whatever pale eyeshadowyou’ve got) to the inside corner of the eyelid and the bare half of it where you didn’t apply the red shadow. I used a pale creamy white shade about 2 shades lighter than Hexcelle’s skin. Then use pink eyeshadow to create a gradient effect from the red outside corners towards the white and blend blend blend til it looks purposeful. 😉

I also blended red eyeshadow into Hexcelle’s eyebrows to add more eerie sick-girl-style.

halloween nurse hospital guro makeup tutorial

Step Three:

Once you have the red eyeshadow done use your white eyeliner to create some graphic line effects at the inside corners of the eyes. I did a line on top and one below, sort of simulate sick crinkly eyes (not quite the same the way you’d apply eyeshadow for a “flattering” effect heh).

medical kei makeup tutorial

Step Four:

Make a plus sign of eyelash glue on the center of each cheek with a q-tip. You can also add  mascara if you’re using it at this time.

menhera glitter makeup tutorial

Step Five

Wait til the eyelash glue “plus signs” get a bit tacky and then add glitter with a q-tip by gently patting it into the glue. I used tiny pink glitter from NYX and a wider round craft glitter (not eye safe obviously, but fine if applied nowhere near an eye).

menhera makeup tutorial

Step Six

I took a single band of false eyelashes and snipped off all the large points of the lashes. I applied those individually to Hexcelle’s upper eyelids only at the outer corners for a very graphic style. Add lipstick and you’re done!

nurse costume gloomth

Thank you to Hexcelle for tolerating my weird makeup ideas and posing for these photos! 🙂 If you end up using this tutorial please tag us in photos we’d love to see what you create.


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