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On Developing Creatively

I’ve been sorting files around on my office computer lately and spent some time looking through the albums from our early photoshoots, sadly a lot of the photos from our first 2 years have been lost to several computer upgrades since. … Continue reading

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Alternative Summer Outfit Ideas

In our hemisphere summer is upon us, in the city that means muggy heat and the beckoning lights of ice cream trucks. It’s also a tricky time to maintain your style if you’d rather not live in a bathing suit … Continue reading

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Summer Proof Alternative Makeup Ideas

Summer is here! Along with it come the humidity and scorching heat ready to wreck elaborate alternative makeup looks faster than you can open your parasol. If you’d rather not forgo your unique style during this hateful season here are some … Continue reading

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Alternative Spring Outfit Ideas

  Spring is slowly unfolding around us here, the first careful leaves of tulips are appearing in flowerbeds and the birds are yelling like nutters at first light. Spring fashion is usually associated with flowers, girlish almost in it’s fascination … Continue reading

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New “Nonpareil” Dress!

  This week we’ll be introducing all of the new designs in our “Black Licorice” collection! Don’t let the charming pastels trick you, these frilly dresses and separates are packed with dark details (and are also available in all black … Continue reading

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New “Rêve Sombre” Photoshoot!

  As we wake our dreams often dissipate, threads of them fraying away with the daylight. Our newest photoshoot embodies that waking-dream feeling, grasping for memories of something that never quite existed.   My goal going into this shoot was … Continue reading

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An Alternative Model Must Haves

Many of the Gloomth Girls model for all sorts of companies, fashion shows, and events. Almost all the models we collaborate with arrive with a shoot-kit of their own. When you work on a lot of shoots you begin to realize … Continue reading

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