New “Rêve Sombre” Photoshoot!

gothic high fashion gloomth


As we wake our dreams often dissipate, threads of them fraying away with the daylight. Our newest photoshoot embodies that waking-dream feeling, grasping for memories of something that never quite existed.

gothic victorian gloomth


My goal going into this shoot was to style something very different from what I’ve been doing lately. It was very freeing to just create these sculptural strange looks, and water-stained makeup looks. Much gratitude to Kuroihitomi and Syringe for being game for my styling experiments!

dollykei gloomth pale mummy gloomth


The looks we created feature our “Frost Flower”, “Alouette”, “Parlour” and “Orion” dresses. The resulting photos by Russel Hall are striking and dreamy!

gothic victorian gloomth gothic gloomth


We’ll be posting this shoot in portions all week on our facebook! Come tell us which are your favorite shots from it. 🙂


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