An Alternative Model Must Haves

Many of the Gloomth Girls model for all sorts of companies, fashion shows, and events. Almost all the models we collaborate with arrive with a shoot-kit of their own. When you work on a lot of shoots you begin to realize what’s useful to bring. Sometimes the items in your bag will be the thing to *make* a shoot!

Here’s what 3 of our Gloomth Girls always bring in their shoot-kit bags! These would be great things to keep in mind if you are beginning a foray into alternative modeling or if you are just looking to streamline your kit-bag. 🙂

I have also included some of the things I always bring to remote shoots, things that might save the day in a pinch. Generally I am styling or art directing so my suggestions are suited more for that.

cheshirecat gloomth sailor outfit

CheshireCat- For my bag I always pack my own foundation and sponge, plus favourite mascara and I tend to bring a few of my own lipsticks just in case. Then I always have some tights/socks and a couple pairs of shoes as back up. Lastly I always bring my own water bottle, and a couple of easy to eat snacks to stay hydrated/keep off hunger if things go longer than expected.

lolita dress tuxedo style collar

Kalopsia- My number one thing is makeup removal wipes, especially with alt shoots, makeup tends to be pretty heavy and I’m prone to breakouts, so it’s nice to get it off ASAP (and lots of mua’s totally forget about it), secondarily, nude bra/ panties that show no line (I sometimes carry these instead of wearing them because I like to keep them clean and they’re not always so comfy), snack bars, especially if you know it’ll be a long day of shooting (my favourites are the ones that are meant to be meal supplements, I’m not a fan of diets, but small things that fill you up are perfect for shoots), bottled water, since I have poor vision, spare contacts (just in case someone asks) and glasses case. I don’t normally bring my own makeup or shoes, unless I’m asked or for touch ups if no mua is provided, but it’s normally a good idea, just in case (I’m just lazy) and with Gloomth specifically, a hairbrush and some shine/ oil spray to help tame the crazy teasing xD. Oh, and wallet, which should be standard anyway, but it comes in extra useful in case anyone gives you a business card (or lets you keep eyelashes and bobby pins!)

dolly kei d

Vamp- Huzzah! my top 12. so thee must have items i always have are.

1. false lashes, top and bottom ( by Ageha) + lash glue (duo adhesive) 2. circle lenses ( Pinky Paradise) 3. concealer (cover fx) 4. foundation ( Annabelle) 5. setting powder and good blush brush to apply ( Marcelle and a brush from MAC) 6. a few shades of lip liners and lipstick ( plum, sand, scarlet red by Complections) 7. eyebrow pencil ( light brown Essence line) depending on wig color, it would be a color to match. 8. Mascara ( Revlon) 9. Wig + wig cap ( ebay) 10. bobby pins full pack (shoppers or dollarama) 11. hairspray ( crappy brand, works best for wigs) 12. Eyeshadow Palette ( Modern Basic) + brushes ( MAC ). For me, it depends on the color palette of the wardrobe, i always bring makeup that compliments it. Or if im cosplaying a specific character. Otherwise, thats pretty much what i always have on hand with me.

halloween pink witch costume gloomth lolita taeden hall

Taeden- I do styling gigs here and there as well as remote shoots which require travelling to sets/locations. When I pack my rolling case (aside from makeup, hair stuff, accessories, and the basics) I always bring double-sided wardrobe tape (super handy when you can’t iron something but need a collar to sit flat, or to make sure a blouse stays closed), a handful of plastic hardware store clamps (super useful to adjust fit of garments without damaging the fabric like pins can), hard candies and nuts (omigod nothing worse than crashing from hunger mid-shoot, sometimes you need to throw some calories into yourself and keep going). Baby wipes, always bring baby wipes! They remove makeup mistakes and smudges on fabric in a flash. 


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