Alternative Spring Outfit Ideas


Spring is slowly unfolding around us here, the first careful leaves of tulips are appearing in flowerbeds and the birds are yelling like nutters at first light. Spring fashion is usually associated with flowers, girlish almost in it’s fascination with swooshy skirts and “pops” of all the bright colors we’re told not to wear in winter. So for today’s outfit inspiration we’re thinking of spring outfits inspired by some of the less typical seasonal themes. 😛

gothic lolita jumperskirt blue flowers gloomth

Rain washing away the winter’s road salt- Every spring it starts to rain like crazy and all the gross road salt that’s built up in the gutters and on seemingly every cement surface melts away. For an outfit inspired by this theme we’d use our “Frost Flower” dress, with it’s pale hues it works beautifully as a fade-from-winter feel, but still has the spring touch of visible blossoms (even if their color is unnatural). Pair it with gradient tights for that melting feel, shiny shoes, and glittering crystal jewelry for the rain.

gothic lolita dress by gloomth

Songbirds vocally arguing over their territories- This time of year all the migrating birds are back and there’s a lot of commotion as they stake out their territories and try to sweet talk mates with their prattle. If you’ve ever watched robins for any length of time you will have likely seen their little bird scuffles. For embodying this look we’d use our “Lyre” dress as it’s fluffy like a feathery bird, and pair it with dainty bow shoes, and a feathered hair fascinator or even a tiny bird shaped one.

plus size gothic lolita clothing gloomth

Broken umbrellas left at transit stops- The weather is entirely unpredictable in spring, in like a lamb (raging on bath salts) and out like a lion (with no teeth). Wind whipping around and wrecking your hair and umbrella, rain blowing sideways, patches of sun that make you think summer is coming (lies). To personify this moody season we’d use our “Library” dress, with it’s tattered edges it lends itself easily to the wind-wrecked feel of this look. Coordinate with messy hair and waterproof cute boots.



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