Alternative Summer Outfit Ideas

In our hemisphere summer is upon us, in the city that means muggy heat and the beckoning lights of ice cream trucks. It’s also a tricky time to maintain your style if you’d rather not live in a bathing suit 24/7. Goth, doll, and lolita styles aren’t exactly known for being hot weather friendly! Today we’re highlighting some of Gloomth’s best designs for summer (and some quick ideas on how to wear them).

retro mod doll dress by gloomth


“Anise” dress- This retro mod inspired little dress is the sort of thing Wednesday Addams would wear as an adult running errands in the city. It’s light breathable cotton and it’s flattering a line silhouette won’t cling and overheat you. For hot days we’d pair it with ankle socks and maryjanes, a parasol, and a big iced coffee.

victorian swimsuit


“Eloise” Swim Set- Lake side day trips and cottage weekends require specific styles. Our Victorian inspired swim set is light cotton and works beautifully for hanging out by the water, and yes you can swim in it too! We’d pair it with cute jelly shoes (black of course) and a big floppy sun hat or boater style hat.

goth bridesmaid dress

“Parlour” Dress- A muggy summer evening stroll, or a romantic evening. This sleeveless frilly dress would work beautifully in the warm weather. It’s designed to work beautifully without layering so you won’t be overheated by having to wear a blouse under the dress, even without a petticoat is hangs beautifully. Pair it with little kitten-heels and a vintage hat for a darling style.

short bloomers

“Petite Coquette” Bloomers– Casual summer days call for lazy cute looks. Our short bloomers make a great replacement for shorts. We love them paired with t-shirts on hot days when you want to be casual but still unique. Pair with platform sneakers and a big floppy hat.


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