How to Throw a Gothic Holiday Party

victorian mourning by gloomth dress handmade

It’s the holiday season, and though the world seems filled with annoying music, tacky colors, and garish everything- it’s still a great time to celebrate with those you love! Here’s a quick run down on how to throw a Christmas (or any holiday) party with your own personal style and unique taste that will knock your guests’ socks clean off! 🙂

Pick a Palette! Before you begin buying or making decorations pick which colors you will be working with. This way the event will look well thought out, and it makes coordinating the table/decorations/favors much easier. Generally we’d suggest picking 3 colors to work with, 1 of which should be metallic if you are planning a holiday party. For example red/black/gold has a rich and decadent feel, ideal for dinner and evening events. If you’re doing a daytime event or tea party white/silver/pink would be more suitable. Incorporating a metallic color into your palette gives the event a luxe feel perfect for the season of glitz and glitter! We prefer color palettes over a theme, themed parties can end up feeling juvenile and not everyone wants to worry about dressing for a theme.

Buy or Make? If you have lots of lead up time before your event you can DIY far more of your party decorations and favors. If your event is in 2 weeks it’s probably easier to just buy things or alter items you already own to suit the feel of your event.

Our tissue paper flowers tutorial would work well coordinated with your color palette.

DIY Glitter confetti lettering for your entrance-way?

Gothic Xmas Tree inspiration!

Mailed Invitations or Fb Event? Before you get making and cooking figure out if you are mailing exclusive invitations to your guests or just setting up a facebook event. Again if you have the lead up time making your own paper invitations can add a little extra touch to your soiree, hand deliver or mail them to your guests ahead of time.

Vistaprint actually offers an affordable invitation option with loads of customization. You can upload your own images or use their templates. And they always have discount codes around online so 5 minutes of googling can save you more $.

You can also buy some fancy cardstock that fits into your color palette and use your printer to create beautiful and cheap invitations! Use invitation templates and clip art printed at home, just cut out and glue to your invitation- add glitter and ribbons and stickers if you like to fancy them up!

We love this easy to assemble skeleton invitation printable by Martha Stewart. Maybe Skeletons aren’t everyone’s Xmas theme but they ought to be! 😉 Just photoshop out the “trick or treat” and replace with whatever holiday message.

Pot Luck or Catered? Are you going to have every guest bring food or will you cook for them or have the party catered? Pot lucks can be great fun but remember to ask guests to bring something specific so you end up with a complete meal- otherwise it’ll be a sea of those tiny meatballs and bags of chips. For example you make the main, one guest brings wine, one dessert, one a side etc. Catering can be expensive but it’s so nice to not think about the food prep the day of your event, you can also buy frozen foods that can be heated up ahead of time. If you are planning to cook the meal yourself here are some spooky recipes (try googling Halloween Recipes for Gothy themed dishes- just aim for more glam and less Halloween-specific to make them suit your event).

Spooky punch with a frozen dismembered hand recipe.

Raw truffles can be an easy and really fancy-seeming thing to make for parties! I do them every year for friends and they’re always a hit. You can find all sorts of flavor combinations for them also. I’ve used this recipe (and subbed in hazelnuts for hemp seeds because- Ew).

Favors? Are you going to provide party favors for your guests? You can buy and customize things or make them from scratch. We love edible ones like tiny jars of homemade jams or homemade cookies wrapped in fabric (maybe inside a paper coffin) as gifts to guests. Or make tiny simple ornaments each can take home.

Here’s a tutorial on making a beaded spider tree ornament! These would be beautiful favors.

Music? Are you going to have a band or a playlist worked out? It’s tricky to scramble for music at the last minute. You can assemble a playlist ahead of time, or use streaming services to find the right mix for your event. Consider whether guests will be dancing or sitting and socializing when choosing your mix- as no one wants pounding dance music as a fancy dinner party.

Whatever you choose to do with your event or party make sure to enjoy yourself! It can be easy to be sucked into the stress of managing and throwing a soiree without pausing to savor it. 🙂 Have a wonderful holiday!


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