Gothic Xmas Tree DIY Inspiration

Add your own personal touch to the holidays! Mix in a little Gothic darkness to counteract all that seasonal sugar. 😉

A Christmas Tree is a staple to holiday decor but it also makes a great place to showcase your own unique style and an easy place to display your DIY skills. Once upon a time I knew a lovely funeral director who’s Xmas tree was covered in skeleton lights, tiny handmade coffins, and Halloween decorations- it was very inspiring. Today we’ve rounded up a flurry of Gothic and alternative Xmas tree decoration tutorials and inspiration!

gothic ornament

1. Repaint! It’s very easy to repaint and transform Xmas tree decorations to suit your spooky tree. Think of black glittering snowflakes or black striped candy canes! Use acrylic craft paint and black glitter to personalize pre-existing ornaments.

2. Repurpose! Remember the unworn pendants in the bottom of your jewelry drawer? All those pewter crosses and bats make ideal tree decorations! Just hang them with black ribbon and voila!

3. Reuse! Raid your Halloween decoration stash for easy tree-able bits. Those little rubber skeletons, pumpkin light strings, and toy spiders work great to add some Halloween to your Xmas.

4. Ribbon! Use black lace and satin ribbons to add some dark decadence to your Xmas tree balls. Grab a package of cheap plain Christmas balls in a coordinating silver or black color and then attach lush ribbons and details with hot glue! Add fake gems and beads to really fancy them up.

5. Redesign! Little wicker/grape-twig wreaths are available at lots of craft shops and can easily be customized to suit your spooky style. Add gems, ribbon, and skull charms. Or find the craft clear Xmas balls and put your own spooky messages, glitter, and objects inside for an easy custom ornament.

Are you making any tree ornaments this year?


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