DIY Confetti or Glitter Letter Wall Decoration Tutorial

diy confetti initial letter wall art tutorial

Today’s quick tutorial is for creating a word or initial wall decoration! It’s super easy and there are loads of ways this could be customized for your taste and style. 🙂

I chose the word “DOLL” as it had only 4 letters and would comfortably fill the space above where I hang all my bows. This project would be great for creating initials for your door, a Halloween garland, a birthday greeting, or any cuss word you need to have stuck on your wall to bother people with.

As always I am not an expert and I’m sure there’s like 40 better ways to do this exact thing. This tutorial is intended as inspiration towards your own project! 🙂

glitter word wall art tutorial

Materials Needed:

-Foam Core: You can find foam core at most dollar or craft shops, it’s white and you want a fairly thin type (they sometimes carry it in various widths- get the 1/4″ or so type). Or you could use recycled cardboard if you have a box laying around. Regular paper won’t really work, as you do need the stiffness of cardboard or foam core.

-Scissors, or an x-acto knife or craft knife. Basically any of those. It’s easiest with a craft knife but I couldn’t find mine so I resorted to scissors.

-Marker or some writing implement.

-Glue: I used Elmer’s clear school glue as it was what was handy. You could probably use spray adhesive as well but I was doing this indoors and didn’t want to lose brain cells to the fumes from spray glue, yuck. White glue won’t really work as it doesn’t dry very clear.

-Glitter, confetti, etc. This is where you can get really creative! I used retro style large metallic confetti, which I really love the look of. These would also look awesome in pastel paper confetti (the little round circle type), or Halloween confetti in neat shapes, bits of torn printed papers or even newspaper, crumpled up tissue paper, any type of glitter, and loads of other things. Just remember what you’re gluing on needs to be light weight so it wont require too much glue to fasten to your letters.

diy initial wall decoration

Step One:

Pick your word/letters (you could even do a heart or some basic shape) and draw it onto your foam core. If you’re feeling nervous about your artwork just print a large letter off on your computer, cut it out, and then trace it’s outline onto the foam core.

diy halloween word wall art tutorial how to

Step Two:

Carefully cut out your letters. Best done with a craft knife (but I did not do it that way because I suck).

how to make confetti initial for hanging on wall tutorial

tutorial for glitter initials for wall

Step Three:

Get sticky! I used a junk paint brush to cover one side of each letter in a thick layer of clear school glue. You could use a piece of torn paper to smear the glue onto the letter in a pinch also.

confetti letter art for wall hanging initials name glitter tutorial how to

Step Four:

I poured my confetti into a shopping bag to reduce mess, I definitely recommend doing that or else it gets everywhere. Now lay the letter glue side down into your confetti or glitter and gently press it down. Carefully lift the letter out of the confetti and make sure all the foam core is covered in confetti!

metallic confetti letters for wall tutorial diy how to birthday halloween

These take about 1 hour to dry completely with the school glue I found. I hung mine with wall tape but you could string them on a ribbon to create a garland or prop them up on a shelf. 🙂

As always our tutorials are intended to be performed under feline supervision.
As always our tutorials are intended to be performed under feline supervision.

VOILA! Your own glitter letters!


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