DIY Tissue Paper Flowers Tutorial

First DIY tutorial of 2014! These tissue paper flowers make great decorations for your next tea party or as pieces in a photoshoot. They’re quick and easy to make too! We used pink and purple tissue papers for ours this time but they’d look great in black or patterned tissues too. 🙂

diy tissue paper flowers

Materials Needed:

diy tissue paper flowers

-Tissue Paper: Most dollar shops have packets with 20 sheets in them, you can get 2 big flowers or 4 little flowers out of those packs. Around Halloween you can get some really neat themed tissue papers!


-String or Fishing Line: We used fishing line as we had it around but you can use any sort of string or even wire to tie them as it won’t be visible in the final product.

Step One:


Take 10 sheets of tissue paper from your package and lay it flat on the floor or a table, lengthwise.

Step Two:

IMGP5753 IMGP5756

Fold up the tissue paper starting from the bottom. You’re going to fold it in accordion style (over and then under) in about 1″ wide folds. When you’re done it’ll look like a weird foldy bow tie or fan (second photo above).

Step Three:


Tie some string or fishing line around the middle of your folded tissue. There should be a mark from when the tissue was packaged showing you where the middle is to make it easy.

Step Four:


Cut a petal shape in both ends of the folded tissue! A rounded shape will result in rounded petals in your finished flower, whereas a pointy shape will result in pointed petals.

Step Five:



Carefully take each piece of tissue and pull it upwards to fill out the flower. The tissue paper is delicate so be careful to not tear it as you do this. When you’ve finished raising all the sheets of tissue fluff up your finished tissue paper flower! Voila!!! 🙂

tissue paper flower tutorial tissue paper flowers how toIf you want smaller flowers just before step three cut your folded tissue paper in half to shrink your flowers down. 🙂


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