Tae’s Halloween Costumes 2014

taeden lolita pink witch baby the stars shine bright halloween alice jsk ハロウィンアリス柄ジャンパースカートI must confess I did not excel at the Halloween Costume front this year. 😦 October was a packed month, simply packed. Any moments spent not working feverishly were spent sleeping, not making an amazing costume sadly. We were incredibly busy (thank you everyone!) and we did the Bazaar of the Bizarre and were in the New York Times. It was just nuts! Lesson learned to get back to making my costume in August like I used to! 😛

Despite my excuses I had lots of fun this Halloween and wore a costume or themed outfit every day or did something Halloween-related that week leading up to Halloween itself!

halloween pink witch costume gloomth lolita taeden hall

I also seemed to mostly only take head-shots. Sorry about that…

Monday- I was a Pink Witch! I wore a pink Halloween print jsk and a little witch hat I made and spiderweb tights and lots of pink and black. It was super easy and comfortable.

lazy jack o lantern pumpkins

Tuesday- I didn’t manage to dress up in any Halloween way but I did carve pumpkins!

lazy alice in wonderland costume

alice wonderland costume makeup

Wednesday- I was a Vintage Alice (not) in Wonderland! I wore a blue ancient dress and a blonde wig and stripey socks. Not super thrilled with this last minute look but whatever. Also it’s so weird to see myself with that ratty blonde wig! Simultaneously it appears to age me 20 years while also looking 13.

quick halloween pumpkin eye makeup

quick halloween pumpkin makeup

Thursday- I was just Halloweeny! I did spooky orange and black makeup and wore all Halloween themed clothing and a big striped bow.

southern belle lolita outfit gloomth taeden

gerogia peach southern belle costume lolita outfit redhead taedendiy 3D japanese nail art

Friday- I just put on the lovely Southern Belle hat I made for a shoot this summer with a peachy dress of mine and customized some dollar store fake nails! This was actually my first time ever wearing fake nails. I ended up really loving them even if they creeped me out at first. I am hoping to make many more sets for shoots and events (and maybe even post a tutorial on how I made them soon). 🙂

If you’d like to see my less half-arsed costumes from previous years here they are:





I also post lots of photos of Halloween outfits and my head on instagram.

What were you this Halloween?


5 thoughts on “Tae’s Halloween Costumes 2014

    1. Thank you!! Yeah, I had a lot of “I’m a witch- see the hat?” conversations that day. People just teased me that my Southern Belle costume was just my regular clothes with a fancy hat (true).

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