Tae’s Halloween Costumes 2011

I had two costumes because I had a lot of events to attend. Also I am really good at piling more work on myself for no good reason. 😛

1. Deer Spirit Thing

I am wearing the Gloomth’s “Sorrow” dress in chocolate brown. It was so exciting transforming into this autumnal creature with tiny antlers (which you might recognize from our other shoots) and leaves twined into it’s brown superlong locks!

I guess the antlers make me a male deer…So I’m a (sweet) transvestite deer thing! Even better!

I made the leaf headdress by treating leaves with modge-podge to make them less brittle and to preserve the color. I also added tiny pompoms (since googly eyes don’t go with leaves) and paper flowers and  berries.

The “Sorrow” dress looks gorgeous in chocolate brown!

2. Glitter GuroTae Nurse Thing

My costumes tend to be these awesome ideas in my head but end up being just variations of clothes I wear normally. Case in point, I joke that I am GuroTae as anything with bandages or a big medical cross on it is bound to be pawed at by me. This costume blended my love for crazy wigs as well as medical whatnot and sequins!

The cincher is actually a steel boned antique medical corset I pinned red paint-splattered fabric to. I wore a vintage housecoat (of course) and just a white hand dyed dress I made a while back underneath. Everything in this costume consisted of pieces I already had.

Bandages and tassels and a little broken heart brooch I made. The eyepatch I made for a shoot a couple of years ago.

The stupid cross was askew here. *grump*

What did you dress up as?


6 thoughts on “Tae’s Halloween Costumes 2011

  1. Those are fantastic costumes. I love the Deer Spirit costume. You’re totally right and that dress looks absolutely fantastic in brown. Then again, I’m sure it looks great in any color.

    I dressed up as a Spider Lolita Witch…or something. I love spiders and I have a ton of spider jewelry so that’s the direction I took with it. My little witch hat also had spiders on the veil! ^_^

  2. T: these pictures of you are stunning.
    Don’t resist this new look of dark auburn hair with soft curls.
    Congrats on the deer costume.

  3. Great photos. I agree that’s a great dress in brown.
    I went as Lady Gaga inspired by her song title “Poker Face.” I had a severed arm with a hand holding fanned cards over one of my eyes (it had an eye hole with false eye lashes and glitter). Costume was a white leotard under a red corset with black petticoat (decorated with the different suits–spades etc), red tights and platform boots. It was fun!!

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