Tae’s Halloween Costumes 2013

Another year another set of blurry poor quality photos of my elaborate (or not so) costumes! I know I always say October is nuts around here but this year was extra-nuts, we managed to get it mostly under control but it didn’t leave me a lot of time to build costumes. Next year I’ll have to start my costume in August and not leave it til autumn! πŸ˜‰

cute skeleton makeup

My first costume was a rush-job but sooooo comfy! I was a skeleton! I found this fuzzy skeleton onesie at a shop near my house for $25 and it’s the most comfortable thing ever. It’s so warm and wooly, and being made for a boy it’s huge and slouchy on me. Maybe not super flattering, but I am so not about trying to lure a mate with my wardrobe choices let alone a Halloween costume! πŸ˜›

skeleton makeup578043_10153396077725203_1377828001_n

I wore my minty green wig, some cute-spooky Skeleton makeup, and lots of glittery silver hair accessories! Finished the look with a rubber skeleton tangled into the wig. Super quick and comfortable costume.

avenging angel costume


My Halloween (the day of) costume was my “proper” (as in I planned it) costume! I went as an avenging angel. With a dark brown wig I cut and styled and my favorite ghostly tea-stained dress.

lily cole halo


I made a headdress inspired by the one used for Lily Cole’s look in this Dior runway show. With gold stars and radiating shining “beams”. As well as a matching cross staff with faux pearl accents.


IMGP4458 IMGP4461 IMGP4464

Finished with my steel gauntlet! My makeup was intended to change my face dramatically and I think it did. Losing my freckles almost entirely was sure weird to see. With no mascara and a couple of white feather lash extensions to lengthen my eyes it gave my face an ethereal rounder shape. Maybe not the most flattering makeup style but it suited the character well I think. πŸ™‚

pink skeleton makeup

I had a Halloween/birthday party the weekend after Halloween and decided to just try updating my skeleton costume so I’d be comfortable. It became the Skeleton Princess costume! With pink makeup loaded with glitter and sparkle, pink hair accessories, long red extensions, and a fake icing decorated crown!

pink cute skeleton makeup

What did you dress up as? Did you love your costume or was it a rush job?


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