Adeline de Monseignat’s Hairy Eyeballs

adeline de monseignat ball

I first encountered Adeline de Monseignat’s glass sculptures on an art blog, scrolling past the sea of images from all over the world I paused at these beautiful and unsettling orbs. Polished glass surfaces encase fur in a strange juxtaposition of textures. Her website had the best description of the piece above:

“‘Mother HEB/ Loleta’ is the mother of all ‘Hairy Eye Ball’.  Nicknamed ‘Loleta’ after the late owner of the vintage fur coat used for the piece, the creapture gains a ghostly feel.  Nested in a sand incubator-like room, the large creature’s abdomen rises and falls slowly, as if breathing, purring while asleep and surrounded by its baby furry eggs, static because holding the potential for life.”

adeline de monseignat artadeleine de monseignat hairy eyeball

Adeline de Monseignat’s “Hairy Eyeballs” are fascinating and beautiful. Perfect orbs of vintage fur, connected to a narrative theme of the natural world.

“Adeline de Monseignat (b.1987) is a Dutch-Monegasque artist who lives and works in London. Her project-based sculptural work investigates ways in which inanimate objects can trigger emotional responses and even hold a sense of presence and life. Her ‘creaptures’ – creature-sculptures – share a common triple-stranded DNA holding information on the Uncanny, the Contact and the Origin. Adeline has a BA in Language and Culture, UCL (2009), and an MA in Fine Art, City & Guilds of London Art School (2011).”

hairy eyeball adeline de monseignat

You can see more of her hairy eyeballs and other beautiful pieces on her website.


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