Thank You Note

2021 is nearly done, the year is draining away quickly as another variant surges over many countries like a dark shadow over everything. This will be my final blog post of the year and it’s a chance for me to look back on the year and thank everyone who’s been a part of it.

After numerous lockdowns I managed to resume shooting in June of 2021 and I can’t express how grateful I am for our models. Taking photos and creating weird art ground me, they put me back in my body during a time when anxiety and worry clouds everything I do. Thank you to everyone who modeled for me and put up with how rusty my social skills have gotten during the pandemic! I can’t wait to make more weird art in the new year with you all.

I am so grateful for our customers. For anyone who’s shared or liked my work. Without you I wouldn’t be able to keep doing this and I know how lucky I am to continue to do so. Knowing strangers all over the planet connect with my strange little world is truly the most magical thing I can imagine.

I hope 2022 will see the pandemic easing in Canada (and everywhere). I look forward to returning to shoot as soon as my booster shot is active. We still likely won’t be adding new folks or hosting Parties til things ease up, it’s just not worth the risk to extended networks of people.

Please keep safe and get vaccinated. Have a wonderful holiday and a sparkling New Year!


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