New Cyber Bunny Photoshoot!

First shoot of 2022!!! I am slowly easing back into shoots while keeping an eye on cases in my city, things have been pretty bad in that sense here so I am trying to be cautious- while still doing what I love because I’m miserable otherwise. So here’s our first shoot!

I created this quick environment full of patterns and metallic elements to reflect the bright blue light I used in the photos. It’s heavily inspired by late 90s early 2000’s internet optimism, that shiny bright future that seemed to be unfolding as more and more folks accessed the “web”. Mixed with modern style elements, Gloomth aesthetic, and some fun eyeliner I created to bring the look to life. I may post a quick how-to for the eyeliner look as a separate post. 🙂

Azura Rose wore our “Licorice” dress and some over the knee scrunchy socks from Sock Dreams (I think they are this style? It’s been ages since I bought them so I don’t think the exact style is still available). I diy’d some arm warmers out of sheer socks I had on hand and the black bunny hat is from ebay!

Here’s a fun tiktok I did with some behind the scenes footage I shot during:

You can see the rest of the photos from this shoot on our flickr!

Shop this look here!

Azura Rose on instagram!


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