Last Shoot of 2021!

My final shoot of 2021!!!! It’s been such a strange, condensed year for photoshoots. I started back at it regularly in June of this year after restrictions eased in Toronto a little. I’m so glad I got back to it, I really don’t feel like myself unless I’m taking photos all the time and creating weird little environments.

For my final shoot of the year I worked with Lucy Lovesick who I hadn’t shot with since 2014! It feels like a century ago! When she modeled for us last I wasn’t the main photographer for Gloomth so it was exciting to revisit working together in this new capacity- and I think the resulting photos are super fun!!!!

I’m really excited about this shoot and since it’s also the last new one of my year I’ll be sharing the photos in chunks here all week. 🙂

Lucy wore our “Medicine” dress for these shots paired with our “Cherubs and Crosses” print tights. With her bright pink hair she looks like a kawaii dream! I’m so glad we got to make art together again, hopefully we’ll be able to create more next year.

You can shop this outfit on our website!

Check out Lucy’s instagram (and her music)!

See the rest of these photos on our flickr!


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