demon girl with claws in red dress

DIY Monster Claws Tutorial

demon girl with claws in red dress

For a recent shoot with Azura Rose I decided to try making monster fingers/claws for the first time! The final effect is a little sloppy but they look pretty excellent in the photos and I can’t wait to try them again for future shoots in other colors/styles. I thought I’d share a quick tutorial on how I made these in case you need to extend your fingers to scratch hard to reach parts or grow some scary claws of your own! 😉

*Again, these were my first attempt, they’re messy but they still worked for my needs.



-Tin foil

-Plastic wrap (if you have your nails painted and don’t wanna mess them up)

-Painter’s tape or masking tape

-Acrylic craft paint and a medium paint brush (I used an old makeup brush, you ideally want something with splayed or fluffy bristles rather than a pointed or flat and firm brush tip)


-A Helper! I honestly don’t know how you’d do these on your own hands, maybe assemble each and then remove them as you go so you can still work to assemble the others?


monster claw tutorial

Step One: Work one finger at a time. I began by wrapping Azura’s nail in plastic wrap (above) to keep the paint off of it (acrylic can really mess with your nailpolish) and paint will leak through the tape layer so it’s worth doing.

making monster claws for costume

Step Two: Cut a long rectangle of tinfoil and crumple it into a sort of cone shape. Bend and shape the pointy end of the cone into the claw or nail shape you’re going for (you can adjust it when painted etc also so don’t fuss too much). I went very long and absurd for these claws but they would look more realistic at a shorter length if that’s what you’re going for. Leave the bottom part of the cone open/flat-ish so it can be wrapped around your finger.

diy monster claw finger extension

Step Three: Attach the claw to your finger by wrapping the flat/open end of the cone/claw around your fingertip (above photos). Wrap a length of masking tape around it to stick it to your skin and the foil.

monster claw tutorial

diy monster claw tutorial

Step Four: Wrap the entire claw in masking tape. Tape makes a smooth base to paint on top of and if you choose to cover the claws in fabric or gems this will give you an easy base to work with.

diy monster claw fingers tutorial

black monster claw tutorial

Step Five: When all your fingers are done paint them! I also extended the paint with a dry brush technique up onto Azura’s hands to give the effect of the claws growing right out of her flesh. I followed the lines of her tendons etc for added realism.

how to make long finger extensions claws

Allow to dry and voila your very own scary weird monster fingers!


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