gothic demon skull outfit

New Hellfire Photoshoot!

gothic demon skull outfit

Does this qualify as a holiday themed shoot? I’m not so into the holidays personally, by this time most years I am pretty exhausted from our busy Halloween season and scrambling to reduce my workload as best I can so I can try and enjoy the season. It’s a lot of pressure to shop and plan and attend everything, while being real tired and wishing you could summon a demon to do your chores. 😉

This demonic shoot features my first attempt at making monster claws! There’s a tutorial for them over here if you feel the need to show up to Xmas dinner with terrifying appendages.

undying demon girl

Azura Rose wore our “Dracula’s Bride” dress (nearly sold out) with textured tights and leg warmers for a wintery-hellspawn vibe. I used my regular studio lights to fill the tattered bloodied backdrop and then added a red projection light to add some sparkle and fire effect to the scene.

demon girl with claws in red dress

Shop this look right on our website!

Azura’s instagram!

More from this photoshoot can be seen on our flickr!


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