Haunted Doll Nurse Photoshoot

creepy bunny mask nurse with large kcreepy bunny mask nurse with large knifenife

Medical and gurololita themes are perennial in my work, I revisit them again and again with our shoots and designs. In this set with Emily Elizabeth Estrange we created a haunted rabbit-doll nurse, wandering the hospital grounds with a very large and unsanitary knife.

The creak of the chain-link fence in the wind, the rhythmless shuffle of feet on gravel, and uneven breath. Emily truly became my creepy bunny-nurse character for this shoot and it really shows in the photos!

She’s wearing our “Good Nurse” dress, find it on our site in regular and plus sizes. We paired it with costume shop stockings, a costume nurse hat, doilies, and lengths of lace and tattered ribbon. Finished with an eyepatch and smeared red lipstick.

nurse lolita dress

Shop this outfit here!

Emily’s instagram!

Loads more photos from this shoot can be seen on flickr!


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