Wonderland Cheshire Cat and Red Queen

red queen gothic lolita wonderland

In our new “Alice in Wonderland” inspired tea party shoot we created our own takes on some of the popular characters from the book!

Our Red Queen (model Andi Ruin) wore our new “Tombstone” jumperskirt over a net sleeved top with fishnets and a white lace neck ruff for her imperial style. Her felt crown was made by The House of Pomegranates! And her crown necklace is the “Regalius” pendant by Alchemy of England.

I wove spiderwebs through Andi’s hair and across the crown, and she added lots of red elements to her makeup to expand on the Queen’s theme. We liked the idea of the Red Queen of Wonderland portrayed as an aloof Gothic lady, imperious and bored by everyone and everything.

cheshire cat alice in wonderland gothic

For our Cheshire Cat- of course played by o.g. Gloomth Girl CheshireCat- we added some punk elements to her style along with comically huge costume cat-paw mittens! With her black lipstick, short choppy hair, and beaded cat-ears the look came together beautifully.

CheshireCat wore our “Valance” jumperskirt.

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