Wonderland White Rabbit

creepy alice in wonderland tea party white rabbit

The White Rabbit is one of the first strange characters Alice encounters on her adventure! In the original book he wears a waistcoat and carries a watch. Our White Rabbit pulled influence from a few sources.

Down the Rabbit Hole.png

white rabbit creepy wonderland

When creating the White Rabbit character for our Alice shoot I was primarily inspired by the 1988 Svankmajer film “Něco z Alenky” (one of my alltime favorite movies) rather than the Disney version. Svankmajer’s Rabbit had sawdust leaking from his belly, blue protruding eyes, and a terrifying mouth. In this film adaptation the rabbit comes to life from a taxidermy one in Alice’s room which is why he’s so um…. shabby.

Svankmajer white rabbit

Švankmajer film white rabbit

For Gloomth Girl Fine Lines’ White Rabbit character I wanted some small touches of Švankmajer’s White Rabbit worked into her overall style. I included a bulging doll eye in her hair, blue like the rabbit’s. And filled her wired braids with spiderweb and tattered gauze ribbons. Our White Rabbit has a medical undertone, with our Good Nurse dress.

gothic alice in wonderland white rabbit

creepy white rabbit alice wonderland

You can see more from this shoot on our flickr!

I’ll be posting more highlights and inspiration from this shoot all week. 🙂


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