Wonderland Alice and The Mad Hatter

gothic alice in wonderland tea party photoshoot

We finally created an over the top Alice in Wonderland Tea Party themed photoshoot! After all these years of being told our clothes remind folks of Wonderland we gave in an bit the bait. 😉

Today we’re highlighting our Alice and Mat Hatter characters and the inspiration and styling behind each!

gothic alice in wonderland

Alice was played by Azura Rose who wore our “October” dress with an antique white cotton apron and a headdress I made using Victorian mourning trim and vintage cotton. Our Alice is not a child, she’s returned to an eerie mirror version of happy Wonderland. Spiderwebs coat the tea party, spiders crawl across tattered lace curtains, and everything is a little- off.

The Mad Hatter greets her at the party, serving tea that sends everyone’s heads spinning. Our Mad Hatter, played by Em, wore our upcoming “Bat Doll” dress with a spiderweb dusted antique top hat!

gothic mad hatter outfit

There are waaaaaaaaay more photos from this shoot on our flickr!

Shop these outfits on our website!

Em’s IG

Azura’s IG


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