Happy Summer Solstice Coupon!

1920s gothic clothing

Today is the Summer Solstice or midsummer! Here in Canada we don’t have a national holiday or any really recognizable celebration for this day outside of those for St.John’s day or by witchy types- but I think it’s a fine day to mark the beginning of a fruitful season. Summer for us here Gloomth means outdoor photoshoots, negotiating which petticoat to wear in the heat, and delicious local peaches in season. 😉

To celebrate take 15% off your order from today until June 24th (not including shipping). Valid on as many orders as you like during that time, valid worldwide. Can’t be applied to existing orders. Put the code in at checkout to apply discount. To combine with other codes please contact us for eligibility. Questions? Email us (taeden@gloomth.com)

CODE: solstice

Happy Summer everyone!!!


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