New “Antique Playroom” Photoshoot!

antique praying doll photoshoot outfit editorial gloomth

We had such a lot of fun creating this new photoshoot for Gloomth! Model Emily Elizaebeth Estrange transformed into a creepy, pale doll in an attic playroom perfectly. I was excited to feature my new (to me, it’s actually antique) portrait of Queen Victoria and a vintage rocking horse my friends found on the road for me recently! 😀

Shown above wearing our “Borley Ghost” dress!

antique doll outfit costume photoshoot gloomth emily elizabeth estrangeantique dolly bloomers romper costume outfit gloomth

My favorite of the 3 outfits was this one featuring our “Clara” romper in wine red. I pinned Emily’s hair up around her ears and placed two curls with hair gel onto her forehead. She’s wearing her own stockings and socks and a vintage sleep-cap of mine as a headdress. This romper is available in sizes XS-2XL or custom made to measure (including plus sizes), and in a range of color combinations!

For this part of the series I processed the photos to have antique feel, sort of evoking a 1930s aesthetic. Tattered and shadowy. Emily’s makeup in this look was entirely her own creation and suited the style beautifully!

antique sailor dress doll outfit gloomthantique sailor dress doll outfit gloomth

This was actually the first look we shot this day and it features Gloomth’s “Nautical” dress adorned with a cluster of Victorian mourning portrait brooches, a pinned on SOLD ticket, and a shrinky-dink heart brooch I made years ago. As well as lots of members of my toy collection and a few of Emily’s! Oh and my new (to me) terrifying rocking horse, currently answering to the name Frederick.

There are quite a few more photos from this series on flickr too!

Thank you to Emily Elizabeth Estrange for modeling for me and helping to bring this creepy unique vision to life!


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