New “Gossamer Gauze” Photoshoot!

menhera inspired photoshoot models gloomth

More fun medical theme photoshoots featuring our new “StGloomth’s Hospital” collection! Models Thadea Decora and Lillian Moon transformed into creepy medical practitioners in our new “Gossamer Gauze” photoshoot!

menhera hospital makeup tutorial gloomth

My concept for this shoot was to create a soft fever-dream feeling, nothing is quite defined, the models exist in this pastel filled, bandage strewn strange space littered with toys. I used a backdrop made with piles of my vintage peignoir collection, old toys, and pillows to create the environment. When processing the photos I used lots of tilt-shift effects and the blur tool to create pools of focus within the images and guide your eye in the dream.

menhera hospital theme photoshoot gloomth outfit

I had a lot of fun creating the messy Menhera style makeup looks for this shoot! I used Kryolan’s aquacolors in red as well as red eyeshadow (Sugarpill’s) and red/pink glitters. I also incorporated metallic foil eyelashes from Halloween which I cut into segments and added among the models’ natural lashes for a peek of more color. Their lips were smeared with red lipstick and a bit of gloss for a feverish, sickly feel.

menhera gurololita medical outfit gloomth

We had a lot of fun creating these images and it sure feels good to be back shooting again! You can see the entire series on flickr here. 🙂 Thank you to both our models for tolerating my crazy ideas!


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