Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s Halloween week! We’re excitedly carving pumpkins and day-dreaming about our favorite day of the year, which is approaching in less than a week! October has flashed by so quickly!

Just in case you’ve left your costume prep to the last minute here are some ideas on cute and unique costumes you can DIY at home cheaply and quickly! 😀

cute witch costume

Witch! A witch doesn’t have to be the typical green-skinned warty lady with a pointy hat, you can take the idea of a witch in all sorts of creative directions using items already in your closet or easily sourced. Start with a black dress- like Gloomth’s “Charlotte” dress- and think of what sort witch you’ll be. A forest witch might have dried flowers, leaves, and small twigs braided into her hair. A tribal one might have mysterious runes and pentagram tattoos drawn on her skin and face with eyeliner, and heaps of silvery jewelry. Or grab a cute traditional witch hat at the dollar store and diy your own witch-wand like we did in the photo above with Gloomth Girl Poppy! Just add pointy shoes or boots and accessories to match!

clown makeup fashion gloomth toronto

Clown! If you have a flair for makeup or just want to experiment there are so many ways to create a clown costume on the cheap. A vintage clown might have smeary makeup and a neck ruff (in the photo above we pinned a doily around the model’s neck to create this diy doily ruff)! A cute clown might have a red nose (easily found at dollar shops this time of year) and bright colored clothing and big hair (try rag curling it for maximum fluffiness). A scary clown might have bloody touches to their makeup and black and white striped clothing (like our “Trapeze” dress)!

dark gurololita outfit

Wednesday Addams! When in doubt any variation of one of the Gloomth heros is a solid Halloween costume choice. Pair a black dress with a white collar (like Gloomth’s “Doll” dress) with flat shoes, knee socks or black tights, and braids for an easily recognizable and quick closet-costume.

Remember makeup and really make the costume! Add whiskers and feline touches to turn a black outfit into a black cat costume. You can even draw on vampire fangs in a pinch.

For more costume inspiration hit the “Halloween Related” section of this blog! 🙂


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