Some October Photos

One weekend this month I managed to escape the city to enjoy my favorite season! Here are some photos from two days worth of road trips. The colors and textures this time of year are some of my favorites. If you like photos of autumny things and pumpkins this post is for you, if you don’t maybe come back tomorrow and I’ll post something less pumpkin-y. 😉

The first trip was out to a very touristy pumpkin patch/farm where we mostly goofed off. I bought a few white tiny pumpkin-like gourds to use to decorate for my upcoming Halloween party. They had so many different kinds of weird little gourds!

assorted novelty gourds

gourds and tiny pumpkins

popcorn gourds

This lumpy gourd looked like it had human teeth clustered on it (yes I did indeed buy it). They also had hundreds of pumpkins of all sizes there. The ones below were lined up as though for a class photo.

rows of pumpkins

Various gourds in a bucket of water for no discernible reason….Bobbing for gourds that are too hard to bite into? Crappy soup?

wet gourds

pumpkins in barn light

I have decided I need an old barn of my own because the light quality is so lovely and warm inside.

taeden hall

gothic pumpkin

The farm had a very short corn maze a young boy assured me that even I could finish the maze since he’d done it, “Like five times today already”. Ha! I’d like to someday do a photoshoot in a corn maze or a corn field, the light is really interesting and I love how the corn stalks fade to that soft brown as winter approaches.

actual barn

autumn corn

The bridge below was fascinating! It actually lifted the bridge center itself into the air so massive transport ships could pass below. We arrived just as it was raising into the air. It looked like something out of a science fiction film, looming in the distance. Sorry for not blurring out that stranger’s license plate, oops.

cool bridge

We then ran around the extremely touristy Niagara Falls “Clifton Hill” area. We did some bad ghost houses yet again and I took a zillion photos in the arcade because I am obsessed with garish things right now and colored lights.

niagara falls arcade

They got my name wrong on this game. Bertha?! Um no, that’s clearly me. Though I do not want plastic balls thrown at my mouth, thanks anyway.

big bertha arcade game

arcade game big mouth clown

The highlight of the arcade was this black-light-3-D shooting ride filled with the best colors! I kept getting distracted by how cool it was and forgetting to shoot the targets. Of course I rode through it with Hexcelle who is a proper gamer and scored 3 times what I did on the five minute ride. So cool! Another thing I’d love to do photos in! I wonder if they’d let me just walk around the ride a bit, it was so awesome inside.

niagara falls ghost shooting game ride

And of course the actual falls, which yes are impressive but not as exciting as glowing 3-d animatronic skeletons.

niagara falls canada view

niagara falls canada view

The following day I went out to my favorite pumpkin patch market in the countryside with some close friends and it was simply perfect. We explored some flea markets and enjoyed the rainy fog-filled day. I got some gorgeous autumn scenery photos since there weren’t many people in the pumpkin patch in the rain. Just us keeners!

autumn road farm country ontario

pumpkin patch linton's farm market

The fields stretched into the distance and were *full* of fat bright orange pumpkins. Against the grey sky and mist shrouded trees they seemed otherworldly. It was pretty much heaven.

pumpkin patch linton's farm market

Happy Autumn everyone!!!!!!!


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