New “Pumpkin Girl” Photoshoot!

pumpkinhead mask photoshoot gloomth

Recently I revisited one of Gloomth’s most (in)famous photoshoots our “Pumpkinhead” series! When we originally shot that concept I used a real pumpkin for the mask, and it weighed and awful lot. Not so good when you have a real model inside said pumpkin! It was definitely time to revisit the concept!

pumpkinhead mask photoshoot gloomth

Sandra Von Ruin made this amazing paper mache jack-o-lantern mask last year and we finally got to use it to revisit the Pumpkinhead theme!!!!!! We had a lot of fun with this shoot, and even frightened some kids walking back to the school near my apartment (woops, I guess there will be news specials warning of scary pumpkinheads AND clowns now).

pumpkinhead mask photoshoot gloomth

Sandra wore Gloomth’s “Borley Ghost” dress which was a perfect match for the pumpkin mask!

pumpkinhead mask photoshoot gloomth

We hope you like this new take on the series! 🙂 There are tons more photos from it in our flickr album!

Happy Almost Halloween!!!!!!!!


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