Sherwin Tjia’s “You Are a Kitten” !

sherwin tija you are a kitten

Recently I attended the book launch of one of my favorite people’s most recent book! “You Are a Kitten” the third pick-a-plot cat book by author Sherwin Tjia! Perfect opportunity to wear a ridiculous cat print dress and carry my wicker cat shaped purse, heh! 🙂

sherwin tija pick a plot you are a kitten cat

My friend and I went to Sherwin’s talk at the Toronto Reference Library and the launch for the book. The book itself is terribly clever and packed with his lovely illustrations.  It was interesting to hear the process behind creating one of these very detailed pick-a-plot books (the photo above shows his story map) and what inspired him, and why pick-a-plot books are still appealing in the age of video games.

sherwin tija pick a plot author

You can check out his other work for sale here on Amazon and the events he organizes on facebook. 🙂 Congratulations to Sherwin on his new book!


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