New “Grey Skies” Photoshoot!

gloomth gothic babydoll dress

I have really been enjoying learning to take photos for the website! I wish I’d started this way from the beginning sometimes. I am very lucky to have so many amazing models who want to work with us, and will even tolerate my learning curve experiments. 🙂

ashavri gothic model toronto gloomth

Gloomth Girl Ashavari modeled our brand new “Ember” dress for me this week on a blustery November day! It was a lot of fun and the resulting photos really capture the feel of this grey time of year in a busy city.

red taffeta corset babydoll dress gloomth

We used backdrops around my neighborhood, which worked perfectly for the faded urban feeling I wanted in the shots. The red of the dress contrasts really well with the gritty backdrops I think!

gothic toronto gloomth

I hope you like them! You can see the rest of the photos we did in our flickr album.


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