Visiting Toronto Wildlife Centre Open House 2015

After our recent donation from the Tea Party to Toronto Wildlife Centre we were so excited to get an invitation to their open house in the mail! Cute wild animals!?! Of course we went!

It was amazing to see their facilities and how they help so many animals every year, the space was bustling with staff and volunteers even as all their fans and supporters were visiting. We got a tour of their space and got to see some of their clients as well as behind the scenes of their entire operation. Their goal is to keep wild animals wild, so contact with people is limited as much as possible (so no, we didn’t hug any baby foxes).


The first things we saw were a nest of baby squirrels, all of which had piled up in their hammock together to make one big squirrel lump (sadly impossible to photograph through a window and into their enclosure). The second room was full of pigeons of all ages, they said pigeons are their most common clients and the most well mannered.

toronto wildlife centre open house 2015

toronto wildlife centre open house 2015We saw their operating room (with -thankfully- a fake bunny patient demonstrating) as well as the wall of various traps used to retrieve their injured and often very hostile charges.

toronto wildlife centre open house 2015

We saw loads of turtles being rehabilitated, ducklings of all ages, pigeons, peregrine falcons, and other city animals! The centre saves thousands of animals every year and had over 600 in their location that day. Their staff must be incredible to manage so many different types and species- from turtles and snakes to coyotes and birds! Oh my!

toronto wildlife centre open house 2015

The centre also works towards educating the public on ways they can help wild animals live in our cities and spaces. We saw all sorts of household objects that tangle and harm wild creatures, one that surprised me were the plastic tops of iced coffee containers which get snagged around the throats of raccoons and other animals looking for sweet things. They recommended always cutting a length down these when throwing them out just to prevent these mishaps!

toronto wildlife centre open house 2015toronto wildlife centre open house 2015

They have 2 educator animals which are accustomed to humans and thus too tame to be released, one was a beautiful red-tailed hawk with only one wing and the other a giant snapping turtle named Hot Dog (eating a fish below).

toronto wildlife centre open house 2015

toronto wildlife centre open house 2015

We’ll be raising money for them again at our next party! You can also donate to them directly (they also have a wish list of items they need here) you can do so through their website



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