Road Trip Styles

It’s almost the long weekend here and we’re so excited to go on a road trip and explore some new places in our province! If you’re planning a road trip here are some outfit ideas to pack to make looking cute both at your destination and on the journey.

casual gothic dress

In the car you want to be comfortable and airy, but ready to pull over and jump out to explore all the weird things you find passing through small towns and country routes. We like our “Anise” dress for this, simple cotton, light and airy, and is a complete look all on it’s own! Pair it with platform sandals and a big floppy black hat for the perfect summer getaway style.

victorian swimming costume

Maybe your trip involves lounging by the water or by the pool. Our “Eloise” swim set is perfect for the water’d edge, pair it with jelly sandals and your favorite book.

Planning to do some hiking and exploring? Keep cool in our short length bloomers, our “Petite Coquette” style work beautifully as shorts but keep your style intact. Pair them with cute sneakers and your favorite t-shirt for a casual cute look for outdoorsy stuff.

What are you doing this long weekend?


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