New “Lovely Spring” Photoshoot!

gothic victorian gloomth

Spring is slowly blooming into summer, the air is full of the scent of flowers and birdsong. We went for a walk among the trees with new model Tam and photographer Russel Hall.

Tam wore our “Alouette” dress in black with several large black flower corsages. We found the most charming little church, covered in ivy. We kept her makeup and hair simple and feminine, accented with more black flowers and bows.

gothic lolita fashion canada toronto


gothic lolita handmade dress


For the second half of this shoot Tam wore our “Frost Flower” dress in a sort of retro doll style. Paired with a vintage hat, wrist cuffs, and frill socks this look would be great for a warm late spring day! 🙂

blue floral dress gloomth


retro doll fashion gloomth


You can check out the entire set (all 49 photos of it) in our flickr if you’d like to see more! 🙂


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