Quick Sample Sale!

We dearly need to make room in the samples storage and to raise money for our upcoming event- so we are clearing out one of a kind pieces, discontinued designs, and other odds and ends!!! Help us out by giving one (or several) a good home in your wardrobe! 🙂

Any of these can be shipped worldwide for $10 (yes we will combine shipping). First to pay gets the item, if you would like any of these pieces please email us at taeden@gloomth.com and we’ll send you a paypal invoice. 🙂 No returns/exchanges on any of these items.

(Please forgive my atrocious floor product photos here)

One of a Kind White Ero-Lolita Dress- 2XL. $70. This dress is white cotton blend (lined bodice), with a tiered skirt trimmed in white lace, decorative corset lacing, puff sleeves, and low sweetheart bustline trimmed in ruffles. Fits a bust of about 46-47″, waist 40-41″. SOLD

Blue Nautical Dress- Large. $70. Our popular “Nautical” dress in a medium blue (similar to the shade used in our Union Jack dress). Bust 41-42″, Waist 32-33″. Never worn, brand new condition.

One of a Kind Black Dress- 1XL $70. (Sooo much cuter than this terrible photo makes it seem). Based on our “Alouette” dress this dress features corset lacing details and long sleeves in a black dot mesh (stretchy). Bust 43″, waist 39″. SOLD

victorian schoolgirl

StGloomth Academy “Day” dress- 1XL Bust 44-45″, Waist 38″, $80. Very wrinkled, will need to be professionally pressed hence the much lowered price. It is otherwise brand new and never worn. SOLD

Eulalie Bodice Top, WHITE. Medium, Bust 36-38″, Waist 28-30″. $20 White cotton, discontinued top worn for a couple of shoots, has a couple tiny makeup smudges that will come out in the wash (will try and have it cleaned properly before sending).

Eulalie Bodice Top, CREAM. Medium, Bust 36-38″, Waist 28-30″. $20 Pale Cream, discontinued top worn for a couple of shoots, no marks on this one!


damask corset top

Widow Corset Top, Small, Bust 34-36″, Waist 28-30″. This is the original sample for this design which we have discontinued. It is very cute and has been only worn once! $45.  SOLD

Itoshii Blouse, Small, Bust 34-36″, Waist- 28-29″. $15 Long discontinued. Black cotton with white lace. Missing the ties for the collar and cuffs, though I may be able to find replacements before shipping. Condition is fine, the lighting for the photo makes it look spotty/faded somehow.


Dorian Mens Top, Medium, 38″ chest, 40″ waist. $30. Worn for one photoshoot, flawless condition but will need to be ironed.

gothic victorian blouse

Aristocracy Blouse, Large, Bust 42″, waist 33″. $50 Black cotton. Missing the neck-tie but has never been worn! SOLD!

 *All items will be tidied and refreshed before being shipped!!!!!!!! 🙂



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