Summer Survival Round Up!

This week it’s supposed to be quite hot here again, summer in the city is about to begin so today we’re rounding up some of our posts on surviving this season! Hopefully these will help you feel a bit more prepared for the hot weather and how to handle it in all your frilly glory. 🙂

victorian edwardian swimsuit

Avoiding sunburn and heat-stroke is a major priority for me. I carry a reflective parasol/umbrella with me everywhere this time of year to keep the sun from shining directly onto me as I walk everywhere. Here’s a post we did about all the options for parasols and umbrellas and their benefits.

handmade swimsuit gloomth

Spf 100 isn’t that much more useful than sp60, we explain how sunscreens work and demystify their number system (as well as recommend what ingredients to look for when buying one) in this post! It also covers some basic summer survival tips for being spooky in hot weather.

It’s definitely possible to keep your style during hot weather! Try to avoid spending time outside during the peak heat/sun hours (usually 11am to 3pm or so). Focus on cotton and  natural fiber fabrics to keep air circulating. Summer I just about live in lace trimmed ankle socks! Our Outfit Deal every month right now comes with a pair of cotton ankle socks trimmed in black or white lace, peeking out of tea-party shoes or jelly sandals they look so cute.

gloomth circus bloomers

I also skip traditional bloomers under skirts/dresses in the summer most of the time, but I still want modesty and to not share my under-things with the world should the wind decide to get fresh with me. My summer secret weapon are Jockey’s “Skimmies” slipshorts! They come in a variety of cute colors and are breathable, moisture-wicking, and light on. I love them under my frilly stuff in the summer, though they aren’t as cute looking as bloomers (but really who sees your bloomers anyway?).

On really hot days bloomers and pettipants make an adorable alternative to shorts! I love our ruffle-bum style ones with a loose t-shirt when it get super hot, or our longer style with a frilly tank top for a retro feel.

I hope everyone is excited for summer! I am looking forward to swimming and summer road trips with my friends. 🙂


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