Preview of the Tea Party Prize Package!

gloomth tea party toronto

Gloomth is hosting our first ever Tea Party on June 13th! We’re also doing a charity raffle- all proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets will be donated to Toronto Wildlife Center! 

The raffle prize pack is going to be amazing! One giant box full of goodies from all of our amazing sponsors and friends, as well as from Gloomth. 😀 Tickets will be sold by the Gloomth Girls during the event and the draw will be at 10pm.

Also, if you make lovely things and would like to contribute to the prize package for the raffle please send us a note, we are welcoming further donations and would love to promote your talents!

We got a HUGE package from We Love Colors! They’ve always been super awesome to us and we’re so thrilled to share their amazing goodies with a lucky winner at the event. They sent us loads of tights, different kinds of gloves, and socks! All in super fun colors and inside a big We Love Colors tote!

gloomth raffle prize pack

The talented folks at the Sparrowling Press sent us one of their “Economical Mourning” tote bags and it’s really beautiful! It’s the ideal tote for when you are out shopping for more embalming fluid. 😉

david keyes I do so worry for all those lost at sea toronto

We also have books and goodies from The House of Pomegranates Press! Including David Keyes’ beautiful book of short stories and Gloomth’s brand new Coloring & Activity book !

lolita art book scorpionstar

Several of our models are also awesome crafters and business owners! Linda Tea will be including some of her work, and Sandra Sina is contributing some of her handmade vegan soaps to the raffle prize!

verbena cosmeticsverbena cosmetics

So if you are in Toronto around June 13th come and see us at the Tea Party! It’ll be a lovely evening to meet some of the Gloomth Girls, participate in the raffle, and experience our strange world up close! 🙂


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