Four Valentine Photoshoots

Here are four Gloomth photoshoots from our archive inspired by or reminiscent of Valentines Day! Each themed to a different sort of love theme. 😉

carmilla vampire gloomth dress coffin

“Tortured Romantic”- The vampire girl in Carmilla is obsessed with the lovely and innocent Laura, longing for her blood becomes mingled with a fearsome desire. Carmilla can never have Laura to herself, and remains a tortured dark soul til her abrupt second death. Our “Carmilla” photoshoot, created in collaboration with the House of Pomegranates and photographer Russel Hall for the launch of our “Carmilla” collection and book, is inspired by the concept of a tortured, deathly romantic.

harajuku valentine cute kawaii style outfit valentines day

“New Love”- Falling in love is thrilling. Our “Bright Valentine” (photography by PhotoSphinx) is inspired by the first hormonal bursts of new love. Bright and colorful, it’s charming and sweet, light and full of hope. It features our “Pale Tuesday” blouse.

goth girl valentine skeleton gothic


“Morbid Valentine”- Some of us lean more towards mailing our lover a disembodied heart, or at least anatomical hearts drawn on our love notes. Seeing love as a science, a concoction of hormones speeding us to reproduction and decay. Our “Skeleton Valentine” shoot with the House of Pomegranates and Gloomth Girl Syringe is a morbid take on love. It features our “Folk” dress!

lolita fashion handmade by gloomth“Poetic Love”- Love has inspired all manner of artists! Has lead to some of the world’s most beautiful prose, paintings, and music. Our “Love Letter” series with photography by Ritesh Das features an excerpt from a letter by Vita Sackville West to Virginia Woolf, one of my favorite love letters. Poppy is wearing our “Chrysanthemum” dress in this photoshoot.



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