Categorizing Your Style

lucy lovesick gloomth gothic lolita

It seems every time you turn around there are four more subculture styles appearing on social media. Alien-girls, living-dolls, goths swathed in pastels, witchy types with raw crystal necklaces, and hundreds others. In the past these micro-subculture styles didn’t differentiate themselves so completely from the larger umbrellas- cutesy goths were still just goths, etc. And cross-over between sub-styles was very common.

As my own taste and wardrobe has evolved and shifted I feel less pressure to contain it under any umbrella. Usually I just joke that I dress like a crazy granny with access to her teen granddaughter’s closet these days when asked. When I design clothing for Gloomth I imagine it as part of a larger Gloomth Universe, this world we are slowly expanding and unveiling with every photoshoot, essay, and wearable item. Gloomth’s style is definitely not easily categorized.

gloomth gothic lolita fashion

We began inspired by Victorian mourning attire and that’s held true for a large part of our range. But we are magnets for inspiration, constantly pulling from all sources, drawing elements from a variety of things into our work, threaded through with our peculiar melancholy. We aren’t *just* Gothic or Lolita or anything really. Just misfits with fantastic closets.

When we create photoshoots we try to pull aspects of all our style inspirations in. That’s why we have dark themed shoots, cutesy ones, antique ones, and everything in between. Our Universe is wild and varied, much like our fans!

How would you describe your signature style these days? Does your taste fall under a certain umbrella or category? Or is it pulling from a lot of sources? Here’s a mini-poll on just that (it’s anonymous by the way). 😀



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