See you at the Bazaar!!!!

vampire photoshoot gloomth

I apologize for the lack of good posts this past week or so, we are *swamped* this year with Halloween orders- which is awesome- but writing up good articles for the Gloomthzine has taken a bit of a backseat. I promise we’ll do lots of fun stuff in November! And isn’t it about time for an art contest soon? 😉

This weekend is the BAZAAR OF THE BIZARRE in Toronto! We’re really excited! This is our first time doing a sales based event since about 2008/2009 so it will be quite an experiment for us. We hope all our local friends will come say hi. We’ll have lots of free candy!!!!

We’re tucked *waaaay* in the back corner of one room at the show (some kind of detention room obviously, haha), just follow the trail of glitter and you’ll find us.

We will have all sizes of our t-shirts available, our new jewelry line, and lots of small goodies! A few pieces of clothing but our focus for this show has been on small loot. 🙂

We’ll be filming all day and taking loads of pictures so if you aren’t in the area at least you’ll get a front row seat to our mischief. 😉


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