3 Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner, if you’re still looking for costume inspiration a great starting point is some creative makeup! It creates a focal point and the appearance of a lot more effort put into your costume, even if you just threw it together the morning of the 31st. 😉

gloomth sandra von ruin gothic bunny eerie

1. Glitter Goth- This look doesn’t have to be gothic either! Change the colors to customize your style and evoke different feels- think pinks and purples for fairy costumes, whites for a sparkling angel, or black for a vampire queen. For our “Dark Bunny” photo series we used a pallet of purples, black, and silver. Start with blown out solid color eyelids, add false lashes and line the eyes. Finish with loads of gems and rhinestones around the eyes (use eyelash glue to adhere them).

magic teen witch gloomth halloween

2. Lashes and Rainbows- We used giant costume shop false eyelashes on Gloomth Girl Poppy in our “Candy Witch” photoshoot! By cutting the oversized lashes in half we preserved the spider details on them without ending up with silly looking makeup. There are tons of these types of lashes available every fall, check dollar shops and drug stores for deals! Layer them over your natural lashes after a couple coats of black mascara and orange eyeshadow for a seasonal feel. We finished with black and orange rhinestone details. Poppy’s hair was transformed into candy with hair chalk! A rainbow of bright colors looked great in her loose curls and is easy and quick to recreate. This would be a cute start to a witchy look or just a black and orange style for Halloween!

smock dress with round collar and lace gloomth

3. Ghostly Girl- Gloomth Girl Syringe became a mourning ghost in our “Memento Mori” photoshoot, it’s a great makeup start to a ghostly costume with loads of possibility! Pale out your skin with white water-based makeup, costume makeup powder, or pale foundation. Sweep a light pinkish tan or reddish brown over the eyes and below them. Add a few single strand lashes to magnify the eyes and a reddish lip for a focal point if desired.



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